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  1. Evil_Nazgul0616

    The Fantastic Adventures of Squire Brakkett - Revival

    Whoa. It's been years since I last logged in here. :awesomeface: Anyway, for those who don't know me, I was a semi-active member of these forums back in 2014-2015. I mainly did a few ORGs and a couple of lackluster projects that fell through... One of my first threads on this site was to...
  2. Evil_Nazgul0616

    CSRPG - Cave Story: The RPG

    I was originally going to post this under Showcase in the Modding/Hacking section. However, since this is neither a mod nor a hack I felt it didn't fit there. So I posted it here instead. If this happens to be in the wrong section (which it probably is), please move this to where it needs to be...
  3. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Cave Story Custom Sprites/Sprite Edits (Please move if in wrong forum)

    I honestly did not know whether to post this here or in showcase, (If these forums had an "art" section, I would post this there instead.) so please move it if it happens to be in the wrong thread. So in anticipation for future strips/plotlines of my CS comic (Thread here...
  4. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Cave Story TF2 Dubovers.

    A few weeks back I made a few Team Fortress 2 dubovers of five CS bosses. I've decided to share them with the forums. Go ahead and laugh at me. I hope you guys like them! Core: Misery and Doctor/Muscle Doctor: (This one, if not the next one, is my personal favorite of the four dubs.)...
  5. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    (Nobody has seemed to have done a thread like this yet, I searched the forums before I started this...) What are some of the stupidest deaths (can be infuriating or hilarious) you've ever had when you played through Cave Story? Here are some of mine: -Several times when running hell, I've...
  6. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Cave Story Webcomic (Also "Hi, I'm new here.")

    Hello, I'm new to these forums. I mainly joined for the purposes of showing off my .ORGs, discussing any mods that I may do or "attempt" to do in the future, to show off any other silly-Cave Story related things I do, and the topic of this thread. Anyways, introductions aside... The topic of...