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  1. S. P. Gardebiter

    So I am bored... (OST Mix/Remix)

    So I was bored and thought Mimiga Town would sound better with a more groovy rhythm, please note that Swing does not refer to the actual genre but the rhythm. S. P. Gardebiter - Mimga Town (Swing Mix) I might do more in the future.
  2. S. P. Gardebiter


    I just can't believe there isn't a thread about this yet. Iconoclasts is a platformer with Metroidvania elements. It has exploration elements and you aquire more weapons and skills later in the game. The guy who made Noitu Love (Konjak) worked about 10 years on the game, recently it was released...
  3. S. P. Gardebiter

    Touhou Project

    I wonder why there are some threads about Touhou fangames here but no general thread about Touhou itself. I'm mostly a fan of the older windows games (Touhou 6 through 9 were pretty much perfect in my opinion). I think I started playing somewhen after the relase of Phantasmagoria of Flower...
  4. S. P. Gardebiter


    What's up bros? Just wanted to open this thread, so you can all post related videos, musics and shits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2TO5atI4rU Only the good shit is allowed in here.
  5. S. P. Gardebiter

    Reproramming Cave Story

    If you're old enough to remember AGL, you probably know what I'm talking about: The plan is to reprogramm Cave Story (programming a clone) to have a more mod friendly game and to play Coop or Battle over the Internet, Lan or Hotseat. This would reduce the need of editors a bit too, since most of...
  6. S. P. Gardebiter

    New Song (Need Feedback)

    Hello there. I made a new song (with singing of course) and remixed it. Perhaps I will make more like these because this kind of style is fusing all of my usual stylistic devices, such as: - Distorted organs - Hard Industrial-like drums - Noisy, gloomy, atmospheric sounds - Distorted samples...
  7. S. P. Gardebiter

    I'm gone now - Bye bye

    Hello. Liked announced before, I will leave these forums now. The reasons therefor are numerous. Mutual consideration seems to be a foreign word for this community, sometimes I even think, that I'm not a Admin rather than some teacher in the kindergarten. This community isn't about coherence...
  8. S. P. Gardebiter

    Cave Story Functions List

    Hello there. I have made a List of all functions in the EXE: http://tile44.org/files/Functions.txt Maybe there are some missing or unknown.
  9. S. P. Gardebiter

    The IRC problem. Maybe an official channel will help.

    READ THIS BEFORE YOU VOTE! I just noticed that recently a lot of channels were made in the IRC. I can understand that the users aren't very happy with the moderating in #Doukutsu. #Doukutsu is not an official channel (as well as #Curlybrace). But I think that an official channel is needed, I...
  10. S. P. Gardebiter

    S. P. Gardebiter singing: Dear Captain Fabulous

    Hello there. I just made a song about my hate/love for Captain Fabulous, featuring my singing voice. I'm glad to share it with you people. Actually it is a cover of the song "Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke", which is Fujiwara no Mokou's theme. The creator of the original song is ZUN. Here...
  11. S. P. Gardebiter

    Searching for music title

    Hello there. I'm searching for years for a specific song. I still have the tune in my head, so I "remade" it from my mind. (There might be mistakes in it, since the last time I heared the song was about 6 years ago.) Here is the link: http://tile44.org/files/Lied.mp3 Hope you guys can help me D:
  12. S. P. Gardebiter

    Which kind of Genres are you listening to?

    Hello there. Before you vote, you probably should read this post. You should ask yourself about, what kind of music you're listening to. I'm not talking about hearing 1 - 2 songs in one category, I'm talking about that you hear multiple songs a day/week/whatever is a large timescale for you...
  13. S. P. Gardebiter

    The Gardebiter cycle

    lol wtf is wrong with some of you guys? Discuss!
  14. S. P. Gardebiter

    Phenomenon 32

    Phenomenon 32 is a great old skool exploration platformer. I played it, it's really good and it's completly synchronized. Website and download: http://www.jonas-kyratzes.net/games/phenomenon-32/ An old trailer: V2cueICJHek
  15. S. P. Gardebiter

    Before posting an idea or development thread... (Rules!)

    These Rules apply to the Cave Story Mod/Hack Ideas and Development section. 1. This section is only for ideas and Mods/Hacks who don't have a demo or full version yet. 2. Don't ask hacking/modding questions in the Mod/Hack Ideas and Development section. 3. Mods/Hacks without a demo or full...
  16. S. P. Gardebiter

    New Section: Hack/Mod Ideas

    A new section is made for Hack and Mod Ideas. This section is for Ideas only. I made it for testing purposes only, but if there is no problem with it, it will stay there for longer. If this section will be too inactive or will be abused, it will be deleted, so please consider it a gift and be...
  17. S. P. Gardebiter

    Why does noone tell me?

    Why is the group function "disabled"? Why aren't IP's not saved for every post anymore? Who did this? And why didn't someone posted it? Meta, did you this?
  18. S. P. Gardebiter


    Do some of you people have an account on Last.fm? :> http://www.lastfm.de/user/SPGardebiter
  19. S. P. Gardebiter

    Sturmfaust II (Need Artists)

    Hello there. I'm currently working on my long planned freeware game Sturmfaust II. It will be a Jump & Run and Action game with elements from RPG and Horror. I need some help with Graphic: Tilesets, Character Images, Character Facepics, Sprites etc. Story: Sturmfaust II is set in the 24th...
  20. S. P. Gardebiter

    NPC FrameRect List

    http://tile44.org/Framerects.txt There you go. There might be some errors in it, according to a Bug in SW. I'll try to fix that though.
  21. S. P. Gardebiter

    Weird instructions

    I have a question for you guys. At 004168C0, there is a function which executes this code: push ebp mov ebp,esp push ecx movzx eax,byte ptr [PlayerFlags] and eax,00000080 jne A jmp B A: cmp dword ptr [LvBarFlashesLeft],00 je C mov ecx,[LvBarFlashesLeft] sub ecx,01 mov [LvBarFlashesLeft],ecx...
  22. S. P. Gardebiter

    Machine Gun of Death (Hacked Version)

    http://www.tile44.org/MachineGun.zip Have fun with your Machine Gun of Death.
  23. S. P. Gardebiter

    Name suggestions for the Cave Story Wiki

    Schoko and I will manage/host a Cave Story Wiki for you guys. So we need a name. The wiki will focus on Cave Story modding/hacking.
  24. S. P. Gardebiter

    Sue's Workshop - New version in Development!

    Hello there. So I asked Prof. Eich just some minutes ago, if I'm allowed to continue the development of Sue's Workshop. :3 So I'm officially the one who develops Sue's Workshop now, which means SW isn't dead anymore. It's alive! :D Please feel free to post any suggestions and so on. This is just...
  25. S. P. Gardebiter

    I'm back guys

    Sorry about my inactivity. But I'm back in "action". It just came to mind that I owe you guys an editor :D That's right, I'm still working on Chie's Laboratory. I still need help though, since my inactivity made me forget a lot of things actually. Maybe someone with ICQ/MSN/AIM or a IRC client...