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  1. omegax45

    The Island Defense Team

    i wanna be the guy who isn't important till the end
  2. omegax45

    The Community-driven Cave Story Fanfic

    malco says " i still want the bike"
  3. omegax45

    The Community-driven Cave Story Fanfic

    after that jack goes on a grand adventure of epic proportions.
  4. omegax45

    The Community-driven Cave Story Fanfic

    He goes out of the room to discover something odd.
  5. omegax45

    why dose nicalis own the rights of Cave Story

    it's kinda dumb to be honest.
  6. omegax45

    What is your favourite weapon

    I think that the machine gun is the best weapon due to the fact that it's pretty early, strong, and if it's level 3 you can hover getting places early and/or easily (notably the arms barrier) and makes some bosses easier (e.g. the core)
  7. omegax45

    Best weapon for Blood Stained Sanctuary?

    machine gun I guess. that's what I do at least. best at level 3 so you can those green devil's easy
  8. omegax45

    Worst part about Cave Story?

    i can see that and i agree
  9. omegax45

    Worst part about Cave Story?

    if your going for the spur then having your polar star (no matter what level) kinda sucks. it feel like you have 4 slots (2 if you only go for a minimalist run) imo
  10. omegax45

    How many of you have cave story for the DSI on the DSI?

    the dsi port is the best cs mp3 :D
  11. omegax45

    Favorite area

    the outer wall is pretty cool and i wish it lasted a bit longer
  12. omegax45

    Balrog On Crack

    not fullscreen
  13. omegax45

    Balrog On Crack

    No offense to extra life, but why on god's "green" earth did you make that IN A WINDOW
  14. omegax45

    Is it possible to port cs mods to 3ds

    probably with cfw but don't know
  15. omegax45

    Official CSTSF Mirai Modding Contest Discussion Thread (Over)

    finally, have a reason to practice. hope school doesn't get in the way plz don't
  16. omegax45

    Smash Bros. Ultimate

    but he would be the same ass ness or lucas my man his possibility would be an echo at the very best
  17. omegax45

    sprite editing tool

    sooooooooooo don't use ms paint
  18. omegax45

    sprite editing tool

    what type of format is that
  19. omegax45

    sprite editing tool

    so basically I need to open boosters lab to remove the (C)Pixel and I can use anything.
  20. omegax45

    sprite editing tool

    Anyone know where to get a cavestory sprite editor
  21. omegax45

    my mom said that cave story mods are adware... :(

    my mom said that cave story mods are adware... :(
  22. omegax45

    idfk m8

    idfk m8