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  1. iSage

    nxengine-evo: support for bidi-languages.

    Soooo. Someone requested support for Arabic some time ago on reddit, but, sadly, his profile is deleted atm and i don't have any way of contacting him. It's an interesting task, and it's almost complete. However, because i don't know Arabic (or Hebrew, or any other rtl/bidi language), i can't...
  2. iSage

    CS+ costume changing cheat

    Well, it's a known fact that Wii version has it (https://www.wikihow.com/Change-Quote%27s-Costume-in-Cave-Story-for-Wii) But. PC version also has it. It was working in early builds, however it was broken since they allowed to press enter on "press Z to continue" screen. But fear not, there's a...
  3. iSage

    How much damage does missile launcher do?

    It has recently come to my attention, that missile/super missile launcher in NXEngine deals incorrect damage. Sadly, there's no info anywhere on how much it should actually do. So if anyone knows how much 1 missile/super missile on each level do, how much boomflashes they spawn, and how much...