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  1. Xaser

    ORG Winamp Plugin link?

    Hey all, Been browsing around a bit and noticed that Echidna-san made a Winamp plugin for ORGs a ways back -- trouble is, his website is gonzo and the only link to it I can find is super-dead: http://www.echidnatribe.org/Doukutsu/in_org105.zip I wouldn't mind giving it a try -- anyone around...
  2. Xaser

    Custom .ORG crash mystery solved!

    Hello, all. I've been gone for a while, but I finally ran across a solution to something that has been plaguing me for over a year now, seems like. I figure I'd share it with the community while I can. I apologize if this has been discovered before. For all I know someone else may have...
  3. Xaser

    OrgMaker 2.0.5x

    OrgMaker 2.0.5x - Release 1 Though to some it's old news, an associate of Pixel's, Rxo Inverse, created a new-and-improved version of OrgMaker a while ago. However, this release was almost completely overlooked by the English community because of its Japanese-language-only status. Not anymore...
  4. Xaser

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    schism (skĭz'əm) n. 1. a split, as in a church, because of difference of opinion, doctrine, etc. 2. Schism the cataclysmic event that tore the universe apart, damaging reality itself. 3. an epic "game-mod" for Cave Story created by a certain deranged individual. *Downloads: <<DEMO>>...
  5. Xaser

    Post yer orgs!

    So, after Garde's not-so-little .org package release, I somehow felt compelled to show off a few of my own. But why stop at just me? I'll leave this thread free for people to share, discuss, and do whatever regarding their own org releases. So what are you waiting for? Get a move on, soldier...
  6. Xaser

    Scratch on an Eight Ball

    All right, this thread is sort of spawned by laziness (I apparently can't get myself to comb through the game's scripts and figure this out myself), but I figured I'd ask anyway... My mod is essentially being made using sort of a "from scratch" method (i.e. deleting all the maps and making...
  7. Xaser

    Backdrop Dimensions?

    All right... I think I've run myself into a bit of a problem here. I'm probably pushing the limits of the engine, but it's worth investigating anyway... I've got a custom backdrop here I'm using for my highway map. The only problem is,it doesn't want to show up well at all in-game (it...