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  1. Jazz Jackalope

    OrgReader (and PiPo)

    How do I manage to lose my intro.... oh well. OrgReader is a Python program designed to suck in Orgs and spit out text files, and vice-versa. The utility is endless. You can combine two Orgs (of small tracks) easily, even out volume and panning, and other great stuff I mention in the readme...
  2. Jazz Jackalope

    Make ORGs uploadable

    ....Or would that be a bit much? Can we restrict it to the music forum?
  3. Jazz Jackalope

    New version of ORG Maker 2: 2.1.0

    Who knew the guy updated it? Well, we do now. I don't know what's been changed or what advantages it brings, except that there are some new volume menus.
  4. Jazz Jackalope

    OrgBuster (An OrgView text editor)

    (Program name subject to change) Who you gonna call? OrgBuster [partially] eliminates the main obstacle to OrgView editing: changing text with a hex editor. Right now it only edits the song list, but it can change both displayed and internal names (so you can rename resources to more intuitive...
  5. Jazz Jackalope

    I have come to a conclusion based on empirical evidence.

  6. Jazz Jackalope

    OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread) (UPDATED 2/19/9000)

    OMG! Japanese mods! (Or possibly a DU thread) (updorted 6/12/10) I went through the Doukutsu Uploader to find the good stuff so other people don't have to dig. Unfortunately, I only kept track of the mods. At least I made a list, so people can see if they're interested in those. ...But I...
  7. Jazz Jackalope

    Knuckles' Chaotix soundtrack in chiptune format (that's right, peoples...)

    Knuckles' Chaotix soundtrack in chiptune format (that's right, peoples...) Pretty sure this should go here... Anywho, for ages, the illustrious soundtrack of this overlooked game has eluded the chiptune collections of many for ages, being that it doesn't translate well to the VGM format. But...
  8. Jazz Jackalope

    Miscellaneous Hacking-Related Tidbits

    Exactly What It Says On The Tin. I've found only the most minor things (such as translations for the "gibberish" in some of the scripts), but I'm like 95% sure nobody else has discovered them. Most of them. And maybe I might call attention to something that causes a hacking revolution... in my...
  9. Jazz Jackalope

    Unknown functions in OrgMaker 2 revealed

    With my spare time and a rather complex process, I found out - via translating them from the original OrgMaker 2. (I will elaborate on the process on request, as it's a bit long and currently irrelevant.) I know Xaser's readme said to email him if these were found out, But!- I don't know if he's...
  10. Jazz Jackalope

    Re: Monster X

    I think the only aspect of Cave Story we have yet to discuss is Monster X, the cat piloting the infuriating tank in the Labyrinth. Why is it there? Why did it build a giant tank? If it didn't build it, how did it know how to operate it? Is it a boy cat or a girl cat? (The last question is...
  11. Jazz Jackalope

    OrgView hacks - With tutorial

    I know several people have hacked that wonderful app known as OrgView; that's why I jumped on the bandwagon. Actually, it's because I got really excited when I saw there was a beta, and then disappointed when I saw it didn't have all the beta songs. So I hacked OrgView and put in all most of...
  12. Jazz Jackalope

    Simple ORG player, courtesy of the Doukutsu Uploader.

    http://doukutsu.rdy.jp/stored/up0102.zip As ORGestrate is broken/sends the user on a lengthy sidequest, and in_org is unavailable/bad-sounding, I thought you folks might appreciate an alternative. Control is the same as ORGestrate, drag and drop files onto the interface. I did not make this...