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    CS merchandise

    I’m guessing there’s probably no one other than me that really cares, but Cave Story Merchandise. It.... doesn’t really exist. Aside from the keychain that came with + if you bought it at game stop. And it doesn’t seam like anything’s coming out soon (or maybe there’s is i don’t know I don’t do...
  2. -{MeteoriteGames}-

    Oregon Trail.

    So I was playing the Oregon trail DX with my friend cause we’re not interesting people and we kept putting CS characters in. Here are some of the results.
  3. -{MeteoriteGames}-

    Am I the only one who though this?

    So me and my friend were talking about the Sakamotos and just ideas for cave story and general. We always went off the assumption that the Doctor was Sue and Kazuma’s dad (And Momorin’s Husband). But the more I thought about it, I can’t think of a single time it says it in game. I swear it does...
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    Favorite area

    Hello. Time to answer times most important question. What’s your favorite area in cave story. Anything counts. Egg Corridor? Yeah. Mimiga town? Why not. That space behind the wall in Curly’s house where you find her panties? Definitely. I’m pretty fond of Hell, but OuterWall and Mimiga Town are...
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    Am I the only one who hates Itoh?

    So I just want to if anyone else had genuine hate for Itoh or any other character.