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  1. ZombiePlasticClock

    cave story GBA rom?

    I read that back in 2006, some guy was working on a gba port of Cave story, with a demo avaliable. Fast forward to today, where I wanna play Cave Story on my cellphone (through a gba emulator) and all download links for the port are dead or gone. Anyone happen to have a copy? That would make me...
  2. ZombiePlasticClock

    Team Fortress 2 Cave Story Pack

    Well, it's not a Cave Story mod, but it's a mod involving Cave Story! I started making a Polar Star model, just for fun. Then I made another one, based on the Blade. Then I got the idea to make them into Team Fortress 2 weapon reskins, because hey, there aren't many good ones online (Painted...