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  1. Growdot

    On this day, Cave Story was released 16 years ago

    Happy birthday cave story!
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    SuperHover is a rogue-like game that is meant for the PROCJAM 2020. This is what I made so far. I only have until Monday, so pray that I get the demo finished. btw here's the download link:
  3. Growdot

    Wow! Internet on the go!

    Are shitposts allowed in this forum?
  4. Growdot

    (Spoilers maybe?) If Pixel were to make a sequel to cave story, would it continue from the first game, or make an entirely new one.

    Now, I know Pixel said that there won't be a new Cave Story, but this is just hypothetical. In my opinion, it will just be a new plot with new characters as it already seems kind of hard to continue from the best ending.