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    The Romanovs

    Brief overview of Tsarist Russia --Nicholas II --Alexandra --Olga --Marie --Tatiana --Anastasia --Alexei --Rasputin -- Yusspov Historical Anastasia --Life -- Death ---Theories SH2's Anastasia --Life --Theories?
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    The story behind the story.

    This was taken from Gamefaqs. "Well, Koudelka was the first game the team made up of X-Square employees ever made. Kikuta (of Seiken Densetsu 2 & 3, and Soukaigi soundtrack fame), helped to direct, and compose for this game. Shortly after it's release the team had a large fight over the...
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    Sorry all, just recently moved, and as a result, did not have good net access. :) I promise now that I have my own place, things will be betterer. :)
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    About spoilers (READ)

    As most of us know, Shadow Hearts 2 has recently been released in the states. As a result of this, and out of respect for the people in Europe that may not have played yet, MARK YOUR SPOILERS!!!
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    Koudelka Timed Items debunked!

    Apparently there IS a way to get the timed items... 01?11?11???????? 02?22?22????????? 03?33?33?????????????? 04?44?44?????????????????? 05?55?55?????????????? 10?10?10??????? 11?11?11????????? 22?22?22?????? For exampled if at 1:11:11 you have 10 items total (accessories...
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    Historical References

    Names Koudeka Iasant: A well known phtographer by the name of Josef Koudelka, made a study of gypsies in Slovakia and Rumania. Edward De Plunkett (Brankett): Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron. English author. His life was spent as a soldier and sportsman. Lord...
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    Comprehensive timeline

    Work in Progress: ---------------- 1214: Roger Bacon is born. (This date is of course, under severe questionable value. But this is the date he gave in the game) 1247: Roger Bacon enters Oxford. Here he writes several of his most known works. (This date is of course, under severe...
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    Links for Koudelka/SH sites

    This thread is for the sole intent of directing others to sites of interest in regards to Koudelka or ShadowHearts. This can be anything from Historical information, to game specific. Please put a reason/explanation with your link so the person knows what it is they are looking in to when they...