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  1. MyGirlRobot

    What destroyed the Egg Corridor?

    Why did the Dragon Eggs all hatch? Did they destroy the Egg Corridor? You just teleport to it like Kazuma tells you to and it's totally fucked. What happened? Did the Doctor hatch the Dragon Eggs? Why? Did Misery and Balrog do it? Was the near-destruction of the Core at the end of the...
  2. MyGirlRobot

    The Notebook... *spoilery*

    (No, not the Jake Gyllenhaal movie) I'm talking about the notebook that you find in the rest area inside the Waterway. I'm still very new here (first post, actually, been playing Cave Story since I got it in the 2011 humble indie bundle), so I'm just gonna go ahead and mark this whole thread...