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  1. mckgamer

    Glitch in Cave Story 3D for Speedrunners

    This thread is about a glitch I found playing around with Cave Story 3D and how it shortens the game by alot. I found this while playing around with an already known about glitch called the Inventory Glitch. The Inventory Glitch works when you exit a game with your inventory opened and reload...
  2. mckgamer

    Toroko's Boss Fight Symbolism?

    I had a thought the other day about why the flowers hurt you in the Toroko Boss Battle and I came up with this theory which makes the saddest scene of the game even sadder and a maybe even a bit epic when you think about it. Toroko throws blocks that suddenly burst into flowers and that doesn't...
  3. mckgamer

    Imscared : A Pixelated Nightmare (2016 Version)

    I didn't see any threads about this game and I think it deserves some attention so I'll make a thread Imscared : A Pixelated Nightmare Imscared was originally a small free indie game by Ivan Zanotti released in 2012 on GameJolt (Download Here ...
  4. mckgamer

    Cave Story (2004) Crashes when Started Up with Error Message

    Title says it all. It is notable that this happened after I moved my Cave Story file through Google Drive to my new computer (Windows 7 Laptop to Windows 10 2-in-1 laptop). The new computer can run the downloadable Cave Story file just fine but it won't run my old one. And I need this with the...