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  1. yoshikirby43

    NXengine/Cavestory on chrome/chormebook tutorial

    (This was done on an arm Samsung Chromebook Samsung (the gray one) but is can be done on any other chrome book)(Edit:This may not work on Chromebook that have X86 if It does tell me please what model it is and i will add it to a doc with compatibility list ) First go to extension page and...
  2. yoshikirby43

    Cavestory on chormebook!

    (edit:OUTDATED NEW LINK HERE,This is horribly written just ignore this and use the new link) All you have to do is download the retroarch apk, download twrek on the chorme store and convert the apk to chorme extention then import it in extions make sure to tick developer mode and press load...
  3. yoshikirby43

    Curly mod English

    Be aware that I just translated this mod from Japanese my be some bugs/wrong things in this mod this is for people who don't want to buy cavestory plus just to play as curly. curly and quote swapped places Download below |...