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  1. Ryuuoutan

    Omega boss not appearing where it is desired?

    helloooo,,, so like i made a different type of Omega boss and i want it 2 appear in a different position than where it normally is.......... so like i was wondering if there was a way 2 do that? bc i have the boss in the level being heard, like there r sounds and the boss health bar present, but...
  2. Ryuuoutan

    hey guys!!!!!!!!! so about Discord......

    aaaaaaaa i see weve all switched 2 Discord,,, ok then,,, WELL THATS FINE but can someone pls tell me wat the new link 2 Discord is, id like 2 join, so ye lol c:
  3. Ryuuoutan

    completing unknown parts of some TSC commands.

    you know that some TSC commands have some parts, or the whole thing, that have incomplete definitions? <CMP for example, no one knows what P is. I'm not sure what this completely has to do with modding, but I think I'll just put down here what I think every missing definition really is~ I'm...
  4. Ryuuoutan

    here goes Jack_Xanth

    here goes Jack_Xanth, coming into #CurlyBrace on IRC. I ask him one nice question and he starts trashing me, how he doesn't like me, he doesn't respect me and I don't deserve back his respect. all because he had a horrible day he's taking it out on me. my god..
  5. Ryuuoutan

    The New Touhou Story Thread! [ON HIATUS-- DEFINITELY not abandoned]

    ORUYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! -speeds down like Aya- Hello, you all remember Touhou Story, right? A few months ago I did release another beta... but the first release... wasn't a beta. It was in an alpha-alpha stage now that I look at it. But here, I finally release a very more improved and...
  6. Ryuuoutan

    positioning sprites?!

    okay, I just don't get it. how will I know where to position every sprite so that all of them stays aligned to the same position? I just can't tell from seeing it. please help DDDDD: it's been bothering me for a while now. I'm afraid part of the sprites might break into one sprite or another...
  7. Ryuuoutan

    adding extra face pictures?

    hi! uhh.. how do you add more face pictures? I'm not sure if this was answered before, but I remember long ago I tried to do this and the game would bug out and I had to replace everything. so.. is adding more face pictures possible or not?
  8. Ryuuoutan

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3

    well, not alot of people see me lately... well, happy new year anyways. .u. you all promise to make it a good year again? maybe an even greater year?
  9. Ryuuoutan

    oh my god

    "very common" "too long" "too short" NO! I want to search anything! This very common, too long and too short issue should be REMOVED!
  10. Ryuuoutan

    Touhou Story

    So sorry for bumping.. but I can't really help editing this post. But I'm gonna give you the next version of Touhou Story! :D Just so you know, it's kinda more buggy but progressing more. I'll leave sufficient spoilers to you~ (who stole Alice's dolls?) Enjoy...
  11. Ryuuoutan

    Eheheh, Porygon-Z!

    Porygon-Z is the best! Porygon-Z is our picture! Porygon-Z is our signature! Porygon-Z rules! Tee-hee!
  12. Ryuuoutan

    Public and Private Threads

    I was thinking about something, and came up with this idea: Making it possible to make Threads Public or Private? Like, if you want your thread Public, you can click the button Public. Or, If you want it Private, you can click the button Private. These two options can be seen under the Quick...
  13. Ryuuoutan

    Sing your own favorite song! :D

    Sing your own favorite song! IT can be any! Starting with my favorite song, now! "Number 2 pencil, you're my pointy friend, Number 2 pencil, I love you 'till the end, You fill in bubbles nice and dark! You're made of wood with hat the bark! You never YELL! Or give me FLEAS! You never try to...
  14. Ryuuoutan

    Making custom MyChars

    Does anyone know how to make it so you can edit the colors and eventually make your own mychar using Cave Editor? All i see is Red, Blue and Green. Is there a way to change that? Also, how do I add a custom color with Cave Editor to a pbm file?
  15. Ryuuoutan

    Cave Story Sprites - Modified/Custom-Made Sprites, also Sprites not modified

    Here you can post Cave Story sprites that are either modified or not modified. :rolleyes: Starting... NOW! Marion from Making Fiends, (didnt modify a sprite): It was Made myself.
  16. Ryuuoutan

    My Cave Story version of Ryuuoutan!

    My own cave story version of Ryuuoutan. Some peices might be cut out, but overall, this is the best I tried! :rolleyes: (Attachment should be here)
  17. Ryuuoutan

    Good image capturing program?

    Hey, does anyone know a good image capturing program? Whenever i use Super SCreen Capture, it just turns blank on the exe when captured. If I use Snagit, it immediately crashes. Does anyone have a good image capturing program that WONT have errors capturing a cave story thing? Nevermind, fixed it.
  18. Ryuuoutan

    Making Fiends! Check the ORIGINAL Web Episodes there. Making Fiends is about a girl named Vendetta who makes hideous monsters named "fiends", and about a girl named Charlotte, a happy-go-lucky girl. Charlotte never gets upset at all, and Vendetta seems to hate her. Go on, watch...
  19. Ryuuoutan

    Quote: Ikachan?

    Wow, what is this mystery? Is Quote really Ikachan in disguise? Is Quote really not a sort of robot? (Im supposing this because in the Beta, Quote had a picture of an Ikachan symbol on his hat instead of "Curly Brace", so im guessing hes really Ikachan in disguise.)
  20. Ryuuoutan

    Making an enemy a boss?

    How do I make an enemy a boss so its battled as a boss (I want to make a Mesa boss battle..)
  21. Ryuuoutan

    Generator Butes...

    Hey guys, im making a new mod, I added a generator bute entity to map 0096, but how come it doesnt work? Script is here:
  22. Ryuuoutan

    What the hell?

    Dude, what the hell? Why is Zett's entity Megane?
  23. Ryuuoutan

    just, So you know...

    The unused Enemy sprite, the "cat" is actually not unused. It is actually used. I can prove this, because the cat is hidden in a block somewhere in the outer wall, and has a script. Just so you know guys, ITS not an enemy, and its used...
  24. Ryuuoutan


    What is with these Gaudi's?! Their mouth (the two small pointy things) looks like a nose for them, while the first part of its belly looks like a mouth, making the nose for it. Why did Pixel confuse us with the Gaudis? Why?!
  25. Ryuuoutan

    Cave Story: Kazuma?!

    Yes, ive found Kazuma weird. What is with him?! Is he blind? What is the small band-aid/paper thingy on his right cheek(about lower)?