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  1. Draco

    Thoughts on Supplementary Material/Copy Protection Puzzles?

    So when I say "Copy protection," I'm not referring to the historic reason behind its use in games, but rather its use as a game mechanic. To be specific, I'm referring to the idea of using a game's supplementary materials as a mandatory part of an in-game puzzle, like those in most Sierra and...
  2. Draco

    A Joel to the Past

    Haldo, this is a mod based off Vinesauce streamers. It's mostly centered around Joel, but there are/will be multiple references to other streamers as well. Expect mostly memes and references
  3. Draco

    Why did it take so long for people to discover the demon crown?

    So in the futuristic year of (whenever Cave Story takes place) where seamless teleportation, regenerative rocket fuel, androids with free will that don't immediately dick everything that's around them up, and (what i'm assuming) translation devices that can work almost immediately, everyone and...
  4. Draco

    Game Theory

    Basically, this is just making 'theories' that are completely insane and have very little evidence or thought put into them
  5. Draco

    Mimiga facial hair?

    While working on my mod, i had the idea of making a mimiga resemble a middle-aged trucker, which then made me ask the question: Could a mimiga even grow facial hair? I mean like, i guess they have whiskers, but other than that i have no idea
  6. Draco

    What is your Favorite CS mod, or in which one would you consider the highest of quality?

    For me, I would say that Ordeal Pillar would be my favorite, and i would consider Rave Story most well made one