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  1. Voyce

    Hotter Than Hell (speed runner friendly!)

    Hotter Than Hell (speed runner friendly!) Hell is just too boring. Doing the same thing over and over again? Sure we can go to purgatory, but damn you never know how much HP you have... Haha, just kidding. Anyway, this mod is a harder variant of hell.. Which contains many more elements. V1.0...
  2. Voyce

    a new command.. random jump.

    i was hoping someone that knows how to hack ASM so cavestory understands different commands will help. the idea is easy. #0100 <RNJ0050:0200<MSG<TURThis is a message.<NOD<END #0200 <MSG<TURThis is some text.<NOD<END <RNJ[insert chance to skip to the flag 1-100]:[if skipped - skip to this...
  3. Voyce

    a fun mod i made... SetFree

    Set Free i just started making this mod three days ago. i know nothing about assembly and i tried to learn some modding myself... got into some problems with scripting and wedge of cheese got me to understand what was wrong and how to fix it... thanks man. i even heavily compressed the RAR...
  4. Voyce

    cave story challange.

    last cave - hidden with sword only speed run ! :toroko: ive done 1'30'02 i think it was. its on my stream channel . why dont you give it a try? heres a link to doukutsu.exe and profile.dat the exe has the nikumaru counter starting...
  5. Voyce

    Streaming Cave Story

    heres the link