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  1. Safusaka

    safu mod pack

    safu mod pack download at your own discretion. play in order and vote for the best mod
  2. Safusaka


    What started as a poor attempt at humor slowly evolved into a really poor attempt at humor. pizza So whatever, I guess.
  3. Safusaka

    Cave Story Media Player

    Hello all! I have spent years modifying the Cave Story executable in order to playback simple compressed video. Here are the fruits of my labor. Cave Story Media Player v0.0.0.1 I welcome any feedback and criticism is desired. Here's hoping this will shed new light on the modding scene.
  4. Safusaka

    Replacing the samples in Cave Story and OrgMaker!

    Have you ever wanted to put funky beats in your mod? (using melody instruments or entire songs is not ideal.) No? Either way, here it is. Here is an example org with the orgmaker to go with it.
  5. Safusaka

    The CSTSF Famitracker Collaboration!

    If you're reading this, you're probably thinking to yourself: HEY! What the heck is a famitracker? Is somebody tracking my family? It's a tracker used to create 8-bit music for the NES. (famicom) There's a lot to take in, and without prior tracking experience it will be...
  6. Safusaka

    Probably a Mod

    For some reason, I decided to start working on a mod... So then, here's two screenshots and a song. There's not much to do yet. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Also, most of what you see is probably going to change. Changes: added pitfall changed colors added enemies changed many...
  7. Safusaka

    I'm trying to replace every one of my guitar strings.

    I think I'm going to break something. Probably one of my legs.
  8. Safusaka

    Changing OrgMaker instruments?

    I've been trying to change the drums and all those nice little sounds in OrgMaker, (Both versions) but every time I try, it crashes the exe... I kinda wanted to make an orgmaker with different instruments for my mod. I put custom drums in it, so composing songs with the normal drums might end...
  9. Safusaka

    TLOS Or better known as unnamed...

    It's finally been updated! FIRST DEMO: SECOND DEMO: Sorry, no screenshots yet. (STILL)