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  1. royaltyler

    I Would Like to Tell You All the Reasons Why I Haven't Been Here in a While

    Reason 1: Ponies have distracted me a lot. The only reason why I stopped by here is because I was banned for an hour off the site. I have made a thread like one I did just now, but a guess the mods weren't letting me slip by this time. Reason 2: I have lost interest in Cave Story. I love the...
  2. royaltyler

    I Feel the Happiest I Have Ever Felt in a While

    I am seriously so happy! I can't believe it! I love everything! I love you guys for teaching me and I love my mom always being supportive and cheering me up as well as always being there and being understanding and always believing me and I love my sisters for those reasons too and I love my dad...
  3. royaltyler

    What is Trust?

    That is all. No dictionary like answers, soul answers.
  4. royaltyler

    My Mac Book Pro Won't Turn On.

    I was playing Minecraft 1.0.0, the recent update and it randomly turned off. I have been trying to turn it on but it just won't budge. I have 10.6.8, and I was using 32 bit Java on the Far setting. It says to use 64 Bit if you are using the Far setting, but my Mac runs pretty fast compared to...
  5. royaltyler

    Share Your Awesome... Music!!!

    Same rules, as last thread, but with two rule changes: 1.) You don't have spoiler the Youtube videos because they don't take up a lot of the page. If you are sharing multiple videos then spoiler. 2.) Share music. Here is my music to start up the thread:
  6. royaltyler

    Share Your Awesome Pictures

    They don't have to be by you; try to use spoilers if the image is too big. Here is the image I will share to get the thread started:
  7. royaltyler

    Who Is Stronger, Quote Or Curly?

    I personally think Curly is, though I think she will often rush into battle without assessing her situation, and will often put her emotions before the better choice when making quick decisions. Quote is less powerful, though he will look at his situation and can make an intelligent decision...
  8. royaltyler

    Is It Something Emotional Or Physical?

    If it is something emotional, what feeling (s) could it be? I often have this weird feeling in which my heart feels as if it is being compressed. Some times it is short but very strong, and other times it is weak but lasts long. Random things at random times trigger it. When it is strong my...
  9. royaltyler

    How does Curly end up in the Sacred Grounds?

    How does she? Has this thread already been made?
  10. royaltyler

    What Internet Browser Do You Use?

    I use Safari most of the time but sometimes Google Chrome. Jeez, does Chrome run fast. I don't really know which one I like better, because with Chrome I get the speed, though, with Safari, I can use speech, which allows me to check messages I make so I can look proper. That speech function...
  11. royaltyler

    Are people allowed to be banned if they request to be?

    I am just wondering, because if I find myself not working on my book, which I have already not been doing, than I may request. To stop me from being distracted. It is very unlikely though. Also, are they allowed to put specifics on how long they would like to be banned?
  12. royaltyler

    Do you think Professor Booster would create a robot (s)?

    Do you think he would look upon [Insert Quote / Curly / Balrog's Creator's Name]'s work and be inspired to make his own?
  13. royaltyler

    This Is My Life Story

  14. royaltyler

    Does this movie look interesting to you? (The Adventures of Tintin)

    nlE4kXKwG7Y It comes out December 3, 2011. It looks good to me. Though anything that has Steven Spielberg involved with it is pretty good.
  15. royaltyler

    Ummmm... How do I put this...

    I haven't been on the site in a while because I have been to busy ummmm... watching MLP and discussing it on Ponychan. Ummmm... And that other thread I made was a lie, the one I made about my cat chewing the charge wire, I got it fixed on the day before I made the thread. The Element of Honesty...
  16. royaltyler

    My cat thought it would be fun to chew on my charge wire.

    I am typing this message on my phone. I will get a new charge wire on wednesday since my mom gets money on that day and she doesn't have the money now.
  17. royaltyler

    Who here is a brony?

    I know I am. And I know the last time I posted about MLP things went bad I am seriously a brony. I want to have a conversation about this. I will not troll honest. My favorite ponies are still Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Dr Whooves. My favorite episode would have to be the one where Fluttershy...
  18. royaltyler

    Am I considered a troll here now that I have made a troll post?

  19. royaltyler


    I seriously don't know how I am double posting! I have downloaded chrome, mozilla firefox, opra, even maxthon and checked all the posts on the threads I was thought to be double posting on! I don't see 2 posts there! I need your help please! I don't want to be perma-banned!
  20. royaltyler

    Does anyone miss the old Cartoon Network?

    I remember my top 5 favorite shows were these: 1.) The Powerpuff Girls 2.) The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy 3.) Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 4.) Courage The Cowardly Dog 5.) Edd, Ed, & Eddy
  21. royaltyler

    I found out I have 4 mental disorders yesterday.

    I have ADHD, Aspergers Sydrome, Major Depression Disorder, and Irritable Male Syndrome. They said my depression goes on and off though, which means I could very well have Dysthymia as well or I could just have that, so don't feel too sad for me. Should I be upset? A simple diagnosis for a mental...
  22. royaltyler

    Thread Search Bar

    Users should be able to search for threads on the forums with a little search bar at the top of the page, right under the selecty thingy that you can choose Tribute Site, User CP, FAQ ect.
  23. royaltyler

    What is your favorite little pony?

    Mine is Rainbow Dash.
  24. royaltyler

    Wind Waker

    Anybody here played it? It will always be my favorite Legend of Zelda game and one of my favorite games of all time. I probably love it so much because it was the first video game I had a real experience with. I think I first played it when I was 5. I remember traveling the incredibly vast...
  25. royaltyler


    There should be a chatbox at the bottom of the page and you can chat freely with other members there. That's about it.