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  1. KetchupDEF

    What was the most compelling character arc you have ever witnessed?

    Video games, movies, TV shows, comic books, you name it. Through out all media there has been a ton of great character arcs; So which one is your favorite?
  2. KetchupDEF

    What was/were your favorite mod(s) from 2019?

    Yes, this is a bit late (like a month late) but dang was 2019 a fun year for CS modding. In fact, 94 mods were uploaded to Doukutsu Club from the start of the year to the end. And out of all the mods of the year there are bound to be one or two that catch your fancy. So by all means, please...
  3. KetchupDEF

    Is it me, or are the current Cave Story editors out of date?

    Over the years we had A editor after editor and now we've finally settled on Cave Editor and Boosters Lab. and we've had these ones for aslong as I can remember Cave Story being a thing. Guys, we've come so far since then. We've had some major developments in Cave Story modding. Like Clownacy's...
  4. KetchupDEF

    Valastos (Deluxe)

    A NEW DEMO IS IN THE WORKS! Ah, so comes the time for me to actually make a thread about my Cave Story mod. So about sometime in 2015 or 2016 I entered mod-con, and came up with the game called Valastos. It was rushed and unfinished. I actually didn't mean to submit it but things happened and...