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  1. UltraSUPRA

    Cave Story but all guns have limited ammo

    The best part is that I was gonna do this five days ago. Traditionally, only three guns have limited ammo: the Bubbline, the Machine Gun, and the Missile Launcher. No they all do, moving on. I'm doing this purely vanilla, no mods whatsoever. That includes translations. (Side note: why is the...
  2. UltraSUPRA

    What challenge run should I do?

    I feel like doing a challenge run but I can't decide which one to do. I'll post here while I do it. I have the save files set up.
  3. UltraSUPRA

    Let's make our own translation by taking the best parts of the AGTP translation and the official one.

    Before we start, let me just say... *straps on ridiculously oversized helmet and hazmat suit* Oh Yeah is better than Huzzah.
  4. UltraSUPRA

    Who is Ballos's wife and who is his child?

    Whenever I do the Blood-Stained Sanctuary, something always nags at me. When you enter, the dog (who was apparently also there at the Core) says that Jenka has a brother named Ballos. Later when you enter Ballos's seal chamber, he mentions a wife and child. (I don't remember if he said the child...
  5. UltraSUPRA

    Aeon Genesis Translation vs NICALiS Translation

    Surprised no-one decided to do this considering the WiiWare version has been around for almost as long as the Aeon Genesis translation (and Cave Story in general). I actually prefer the NICALiS version myself. Let's start at the beginning of the game, where Kazuma messages Sue on some sort of...