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  1. Pyroaid

    The Location of the Bubbler

    Well. I was just wondering, why exactly do you find the Bubbler in the Mimiga fireplace? Was it actually originally a toy? Was there a Mimiga company that produced it, but then it had to be recalled because it was dangerous? Who's toy was it? Why does it even exist?! I'm thinking that it was...
  2. Pyroaid

    Cave Story Z

    One day, about two months ago, I though of an idea. An idea so insane, so impossible, that it just had to be done. Cave Story Z. To get you pulled in a bit deeper, the Z is symbolizing the Z-axis. So basically, a 3D remake of Cave Story! Using Blender and Unity, (yeah, I know, those are for...
  3. Pyroaid

    I invite you, Rockman fans, to: ROCKMAN HOLIC!

    Hey guys! I know that all the epic people on the CSTSF like Rockman! *Whisper Whisper* FINE. I'll call it Megaman... ...anyways, we Rockman fa- *smack* *you hear a beating in the distance* ...anyways, we MEGAMAN fans know that Megaman has some of the best tracks in gaming. Now imagine those...
  4. Pyroaid

    Signature Dragons!

    Do YOU want a dragon in your signature? Look at mine down below! Isn't it epic? :D Your dragon (as far as I know) can take 3 forms, Egg, Hatchling, and Adult Dragon! It can die in the first two forms, so make sure people OTHER than you feed them! Put them in your forum signature! (BBCode) You...
  5. Pyroaid

    I need something.

    Anyone have a Profile.dat that is when you meet Itoh for the first time before the Mimiga Mask? I need it for testing stuff... :)
  6. Pyroaid

    What will the Smash Bros Website's image be for April Fools?

    If you haven't heard of the new Smash Bros, (who hasn't, really...) check out the official website! New pics every day except weekends! Will Nintendo do anything for April Fools day with Smash Bros? Sakurai: The new Smash Bros was a joke lolololol... Everyone...
  7. Pyroaid

    Quote is Megaman X in secret.

    Quote was created by a mysterious creator, who is secretly Dr. Light, and later he was found by the army and shit and was dipped in red paint and stuff and made into Quote. Curly is Zero with a sex change. I swear I'm not high guys. :D
  8. Pyroaid

    I just got braces..

    Erm, well, any advice I could get? Anything I should know..? *Very worried/ashamed/confused.*
  9. Pyroaid

    Unused Club Nintendo Codes?

    If you have some unused Club Nintendo codes that you don't need and wont ever use, please pm me them, because I actually use them.
  10. Pyroaid

    Noxid is super cool

    Who agrees that Noxid is our holy leader and is super cool? Someone should make NOXID STORY. That would be cool. I'd play it.
  11. Pyroaid

    Sinner's Story (Demo 2)

    Disgusting fellow! All you have done from birth is sin, sin, and sin! Bad deeds all around! Killing friends for money, stabbing innocents for fun, and similar deeds! Now you're dead! Head straight to hell! This mod is about Pyroaid(My CS Mychar that I play some mods with), travelling to...
  12. Pyroaid

    Megaman BOARD GAME

    What a strange creation. I want it. Reactions please.
  13. Pyroaid

    Member Rank help?

    It says I'm a JUNIOR Member. On my profile page, it says what it should, a Senior Member. Anyone know how to fix this? It's not pleasant to the eye. ---Edit--- Wait, that's my member title, but I'm in the Senior Members GROUP. Dafak.
  14. Pyroaid

    Keroro Gunso, anyone?

    A truly beautiful anime. Anyone familiar with it? It's returning to TV as "Keroro."
  15. Pyroaid

    CS GBA Rom? Anyone Skilled Enough?

    Can someone make a GBA rom of Cave Story? I know that it's probably impossible, but those who have experience with GBA rom hacking, could you try it? Thanks. -Pyroaid
  16. Pyroaid

    What if an old lady was in the Hunger Games?

    Not Mags, but another one. What if she build a hut and announced to all the tributes that she baked cookies and everyone came and ate them but they had Nightlock in it so the old lady won?
  17. Pyroaid

    A MUST-SEE! Just. Watch. It.
  18. Pyroaid

    Icarus' Story

    After months of pondering, I have finally hatched an idea for a mod! (It's no Jenka's Nightmare, nor will it be. Is that proper grammar right there..? :I) Anyways, Icarus' Story, focuses on a robot scout named Icarus, and takes place during the events of Cave Story. This mod actually starts as...
  19. Pyroaid

    I need modding help, can I get a pro here please?

    OK, I have a serious issue with my modding. The thing is, I don't know Flag IDs! I don't know how to use them and what to do with them, I know they are important for making the game progress but I just cant do it. If someone has the time can they please teach me and maybe even put in a few...
  20. Pyroaid

    Who lived in the kingdom Ballos destroyed?

    Title says it all.
  21. Pyroaid

    Where should I post my ideas?

    I was going to announce a mod and I'm going to need a little help, but where should I put my ideas since Ideas and Dev. is closing?
  22. Pyroaid

    New Mod - Never Look Back - aka. Icarus's Story

    I, am working on my first Cave Story mod! I have not done much, but this is what I have so far... -You awaken by a gravestone which appears to be yours. You are not sure where you are, but it's very cold... You see a shelter which turns out to be an entrance to a cave! After finding the...
  23. Pyroaid

    Chaco and Santa are actually humans..?

    While doing some modding, I checked into the Laboratory room (in credits) and saw Chaco and Santa standing to the right of the view area. Why would they be in an area where other Mimigas, who are actually humans, are reversing their transformations? I'm so confused...