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  1. Uncy Dave

    Realm of the Mad God

    I've been playing this for quite a bit now. What I really like is how everyone in a party gets the same amount of experience that they would if they were fighting a monster alone. To the best of my knowledge, most MMOs divide and distribute experience between the party, which to me, discourages...
  2. Uncy Dave

    I hereby declare October 29 to be International Noxid Is A Sexy Beast Day

    I'd like to inject my fuel into his systems if you catch my drift.
  3. Uncy Dave

    I hereby declare October 29 to be International Noxid Is A Sexy Beast Day

    Is there a reason this celebration is held on this date in particular?
  4. Uncy Dave

    The painting in Alexander's study from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

    The painting in Alexander's study from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  5. Uncy Dave

    Post your PxTone creations!

    I've made another. For this one, I decided to play around with chromatics just a little bit. Drop of a Hat.
  6. Uncy Dave

    Post your PxTone creations!

    After looking around on Piston Source, I decided to give Pxtone Collage a go, using the PEPOFONT samples. Here's what I came up with: A Sunday Afternoon March. It's sort of based on a very old song I started making which I wanted to use in a mod project at the time.
  7. Uncy Dave

    Creepy Avatars

    Is this satisfactory?
  8. Uncy Dave

    Loose 34kg(75pounds)/4months :)

    Alternatively, you could invest in a treadmill.
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  10. Uncy Dave


    I'm not gonna lie. I am Gelly bro.
  11. Uncy Dave

    Momodora-Cave Story like

    I would also say it looks more like the underside, but that's probably because the art styles (the tile-sets in particular) are quite similar. Though I did notice that the enemies seem to have that little motif of giant eyes, kinda like in Guxt. This looks interesting, so I'll give it a go.
  12. Uncy Dave


    I thought that this was worth mentioning. In the latest patch for the game, along with the costume equipment slots, they added this:
  13. Uncy Dave

    Community Minecraft Server!

    Re: Community Minecraft Server! A Terraria server would be interesting I guess. I much prefer it over Minecraft, but the thing is, it isn't focused on building in the way that Minecraft is. You don't have the opportunity to view your buildings from afar, so spectacular buildings don't look...
  14. Uncy Dave


    I haven't really been following Cave Story mods for a while now, but this will definitely be something to look forward to. Good luck.
  15. Uncy Dave


    I've been following this game for quite a while now. In theory, this should be my favourite game ever. I think it's a bit unfair to refer to it as a 2D Minecraft however. It seems like that's the most common reaction, and it seems to be because Mining and Crafting make up part of the game-play...
  16. Uncy Dave

    Cave Story 3DS Discussion

    Re: Cave Story 3DS Announced! Hmm...I'm not so sure who is actually working on the development. My point still stands about the translation though. I don't know the Wiiware translation was genuinely bad or if it was just too different to the Aeon Genesis translation that most of us are used to.
  17. Uncy Dave

    Cave Story 3DS Discussion

    Re: Cave Story 3DS Announced! I'm tempted to get this, given this time they've actually made a substantial change to the original game, unlike the Wii version. I am however, very discouraged by the possibility that I won't be able to switch to the original music, forcing me to listen to the...
  18. Uncy Dave

    Minecraft Building Competition

    Since the server is down, I'll give this a go. Would I be correct in guessing that we have to play on this map with Normal+ difficulty? Edit: Actually I've decided against it for now. I'm sick to death of this save corrupting glitch in Singleplayer. Perhaps if it is fixed in 1.6, I'll participate.
  19. Uncy Dave

    What the FUCK noxid!?

    Re: What the DUCK noxid!? I was quite inactive for a while and since I stopped lurking a couple of months ago, I have noticed much more forum drama, manifesting itself as various dramatic flounces and the 'love' thread. But I think our Captain Fabulous hits the nail on the head with the...
  20. Uncy Dave

    The Motivation Thread

    I've got some thoughts... I'm still in school right now, and I'd say that I'm pretty happy. I do find myself procrastinating quite frequently, which often results in some stress, but I very rarely procrastinate so much that I have to stay up all night. If there's one thing that makes me...
  21. Uncy Dave

    - Xgat Minis -

    As simple as this game is, it's got me asking, "Who reprogrammed Jamal Alchovich?".
  22. Uncy Dave

    - Xgat Minis -

    I can never seem to get more than 0 points...
  23. Uncy Dave

    Stop Playing Minecraft

    I was considering buying Portal 2 at my local Electronics Boutique, but then I found out how expensive it was.
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    I think that's true to some extent, but I think they way we communicate in general changes completely depending on what mediums one uses. On the internet, there are less social inhibitions because of the factor of anonymity. While we may be able to use an alternative to body language, the way...
  25. Uncy Dave

    Aim of life

    Look, don't worry about it. I don't think life doesn't have any concrete goals. You could argue that your goal is to get a good job and be happy, but I think those are more like goals imposed on people by society, as a social norm rather than an actual goal in life. I say do whatever the hell...