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  1. Brite

    So, what's next for the CSMC?

    I'm wondering what should we all do next? This place isn't really booming anymore. I'm gonna Create the 2021 Cave story modding festival. We really need it. 2020 has been a tough year, and we need to get our mind off things for awhile. anyways... It starts March 1st until April 2. If your...
  2. Brite

    I'm leaving

    I'm thinking about leaving, it's best for all of us, you don't need my shit or annoying crap. I've seen the way you comment. I want you all to know, I will never be truly gone from the forums, as i will check in to see all the wonderful new mods you all make. Please Work Hard And keeping making...
  3. Brite

    Cave Story Sequel

    Eh, Well here's your sequel mod, of course, it's only a demo But it's great. Here's the link to download: I've hidden 6 quotes around the maps so find them all then talk to me, if you do, then I will put you in the credits for the real deal...
  4. Brite

    Cave Story Hard Mode And Other Changes...

    I hope this holds you off until cs3, plus, Sorry @HaydenStudios For using Cave Story Four endings as a base plate.!AhFwTosNzVLlkBTlOKMkJTFFSucg?e=ggfHQl DONT GET THIS ONE! Get This one the other ones broken!AhFwTosNzVLlkS3pSXLeMxqrdedH?e=PbJWKx
  5. Brite

    Cave Story Discord Servers and MORE!

    Join these servers
  6. Brite

    Official Cave Story Discord.

    This is the Official Discord.
  7. Brite

    Cave Story 3

    Cave story 3 demo is out
  8. Brite

    Cave Story Prequel!

    Im making a cave story PREQUEL!!!!!
  9. Brite

    Cave Story Modding Team

    Hopefully if you said yes to helping me make cave story 2 then you will be helping in many ways! Thank you so much! Above there is a poll above what you are better at. please vote and i will put you in the groups
  10. Brite

    Cave story 2

    Have you played cave story 2 by haydenstudios? Did you find out that is Very funny.... well then i have cave story 2 for you! Keep playing to find out what happens.... Sure jenkas nightmare was good, one of my favorite mods. And hopefully I can get haydenStudios to help with this mod!