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  1. Uncy Dave

    I can't escape the friday. I'm sure most of you will have heard this by now. For all of today, I have been hearing people either playing or singing the song for shits and giggles everywhere I go. It's beginning to compromise my sanity, I must say.
  2. Uncy Dave


    Hi there. I'm just wondering, does anyone have a copy of the Org2xm program? The link on the tribute seems to be broken. Thank you
  3. Uncy Dave

    Goodbye Thread

    There are a lot of little goodbye threads. I thought I'd make just one thread where anyone can say if and when they are going, whether it's forever or just for a couple of days. I thought I'd make this cause in about 2 weeks I'm going on a school exchange trip to Spain. I'll be away for 4 weeks...
  4. Uncy Dave

    The Untold Story

    Alright guys? I gave up on Illustrated...Cause it was crap. In fact I've given up on all of my mods but I'm starting to make one that I doubt I'll be giving up on anytime soon. It's called "Pirate - The untold story" It's basically about this guy called Pirate who lives in a shed. He doesn't...
  5. Uncy Dave

    "Read this before making organya music to be used in a mod."

    I was testing to see how importing orgs would go on an untouched exe. I'm sure someone has noticed this before but it could be usefull If you've only started modding and plan to import music. So with the drum tracks you should always keep it this way. 8 - Bass01 9 - Snare01 10 - Hiclose 11 -...
  6. Uncy Dave


    I just made this thread cause a few threads have gone off topic cause people have been expressing their hate towards each other really openly. So if you really wanna tell people that you hate them, either private message them or bring it here
  7. Uncy Dave


    Edit: Demo 1 is complete! Link is at the bottom of the post And don't look at the sprite sheets in the data folder. You will find small spoilers that you wont want Ooohhh Jesus I've been procrastinating so much but I'll just post this in the meantime and add the link. I actually still need a...
  8. Uncy Dave

    The Pickering Experience

    Hey guys! At school, I have VMT (Visual Media Technology) and some of my friends and I are making a short film called the Pickering Experience. It's about a kid at school called David (Played by me) who is bullied all the time at school. It's weird but I've been sold the appeal of playing a...
  9. Uncy Dave

    Epic Adventure

    Okay. This is sorta like a cross between 1 sentence story and Q&A. So basically I'm gonna start off with a scenario. You are hiking alone in the woods. Suddenly, you are ambushed by some killer drop bears. Then I'm gonna make some options. 1: Curl up in a ball 2: Run away 3: Use a gun So the...
  10. Uncy Dave


    This is just a question I wanna ask everyone As an athiest, I don't believe in the existence of a god so I'm interested to know, if you were a god, how would you rule your existence? Would you make people worshop you? Would you protect them? Would you just watch and see what happens? Would...
  11. Uncy Dave

    Background hacking?

    I've searched through the forums and I don't think anyone has mentioned this before so I thought I'd bring it up. There are a whole lot of hacking guides involving assembly about npc AI's, weapon editing, general offsets, special effects and even title screen editing but I'm quite suprised that...
  12. Uncy Dave

    Age guessing game

    I'm pretty bored right now so I thought that it would be interesting to see how old people thought I was. Rules: This is not for you if you put your name up on your personal details. So just guess how old the person before you is, sorta like that rate the favourite CS character of the person...
  13. Uncy Dave


    Hey everyone! I've been making a new mod cause my old one sucked but I've been getting slightly bored of this new one so i decided to take a break and make a short one Nothing like a speed run mod eh? So i decided to take the initiative and make my own. You have the option of playing without the...
  14. Uncy Dave

    Bottled Water

    What's the deal with shops that sell bottled water? It is the most obvious scam ever. I understant it when it is sold on a place where tap water isn't clean but In Australia most tap water is perfectly good to drink and yet one of my friends at school today was about to buy a bottle at the...
  15. Uncy Dave

    Some help with assembly

    I'm quite interested in assembly editing cause it could really give me the oportunity to really re-invent the game with my mod. What i'm trying to do is make a weapon like that projectile from the undead core that hits the ground and makes a sort of shock wave thing that goes across the ground...
  16. Uncy Dave

    Who is balrog(Spoilers)

    Well everyone is interested to know exactly what balrog is (He's a toaster in my opinion) but what i'm incredibly interested in is his relation to misery and her family. Cause he was also cursed by the crown which supposably stopped him from flying but i'm thinking that he might be some kind of...
  17. Uncy Dave

    Cave story(Bad Ending Sequel)

    Demo: It's nothing particularly Special yet. I hope to learn more about hacking with weapons. The Main Character is an owl that pixel made but never used. I haven't quite learned how to put screenshots in posts...