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  1. Kick Ass

    Steam - Tremor Games

    It's been a few years since I've even been on this forum. I haven't forgotten it although I highly suspect people will have forgotten me. On the other hand my love for Cave Story has never faltered. I've been using steam for a year or two now and I recently got recommended this site. I'm not...
  2. Kick Ass

    Cave Story Plus - Curly and Timer

    Okay so I have played the original cave story countless times and every time I have gotten the perfect ending. So I decided to go ahead and play Cave Story + Now for some reason the Nikamura Counter chest wont open? I did save Curly and took her with me to fight Iron head although it did say...
  3. Kick Ass

    Personality Puzzle

    So there is two parts to this game: You can either post a picture which has something to do with some aspect of someones forum name.....or you can post a picture of something to do with the personality of a forum member (without being offensive!). Then people have to guess who! So here is an...
  4. Kick Ass

    Exam Results

    To find out what you get or to not find out what you get.... Anyone else get some of their results back?
  5. Kick Ass

    Best Ending

    It is the best ending and you know it. Some of you have probably already seen this
  6. Kick Ass

    Hell 2 Player

    First demo - V0.1 Download the demo here Second demo - V0.2 Download the demo here Third demo - V0.21 Download the demo here Fourth demo - V0.22 Download the demo here Fifth Demo - V0.23 Download the demo here 6th Demo - V0.24 Download the demo here 7th Demo - V0.25 Download the demo here Readme...
  7. Kick Ass

    Balrog's feet

    Does Balrog have Jet-packs or super springs on his feet? Or do you think Misery has just given him powers.....
  8. Kick Ass


    Just suggesting a few things about layout. This is is a "what do you think" suggestion...just to be clear. Index Page: There seems to be alot of sub-forums and it seems kinda hard to find things... The Forum *Forum Announcements and Rules *Forum Suggestions EDIT: *Section for New People...
  9. Kick Ass

    Ban the person above you

    Basically in this thread you Ban the person above you for a necessary reason. It can go a little crazy after a while.... Anyway since there is no one to ban I'm gonna Ban myself for creating this utterly pointless and pathetic post. BAN! Edit: Can someone please put this in Forum Based games...
  10. Kick Ass

    Hermit's Story

    Cave Story: The Hermit I think I'm gonna drop the legacy story idea that I had. I came up with this idea. It's more original and interesting. So this is about the Hermit (Tetsuzou). He is a mysterious character and his significance has been talked about in long and arduous debates. So my view...
  11. Kick Ass

    Cave Story: The Legacy

    Hi Guys This is the mod I've been working on lately. Cave Story: The Legacy. Yes I know...very cleshay but nobody has ever finished one. This mod takes place 10 years before Cave Story so its about Quote and Curly before the beginning of Cave Story. This is going to be a quick mod. I may have...