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  1. cultr1

    Using Organya's Detune Function to Account for Equal Tempered Tuning

    Abstract Typically the detune effect found in the Org Maker program is used for subtractive synthesis, a means for creating a more complex sound with two slightly out of tune notes played in unison. I was curious if the function could also be used to properly tune notes in a single chord song to...
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    Post your Original Music and Stuff.

    Self-explanatory. All Non-Cave Story music formats accepted. I doubt this will be seeing much use, but I'll bump it whenever I make something of outside of OrgMaker or PxTone. Here's a little tune I finally finished, took about 4 hours all in all. Shattered Pixel
  3. cultr1

    Poll: Org Competitions?

    Hey fellas, how have you all been? I've been pretty quiet on the Western Front that is the forums, but otemoto-dansei-ningen suggested something that perked my ears almost as much as his name. I'd totally be up for an orgfest, but it would only work if you guys wanted to as well! Poll says it...
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    This isn't working.

    That header is testing my sanity
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    RIP Mirai Gamer

    I don't know how recently, but the Mirai Gamer Forums have closed down. All that nostalgia, gone in an instant. ;~;
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    Swift Stitch

    Swift Stitch is a new game released by Nicalis on the iOS app store. How did this slip under my radar? EDIT: it's free, the music is cool, the control scheme is tight and the game itself is deceptively tricky. Go get it.
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    ETYMOLOGY. (Supplied by a Late Consumptive Usher to a Grammar School) The pale Usher—threadbare in coat, heart, body, and brain; I see him now. He was ever dusting his old lexicons and grammars, with a queer handkerchief, mockingly embellished with all the gay flags of all the known nations of...
  8. cultr1

    Avatar Updating

    Several users have reported being shown outdated avatars, I have had to clear my cache a couple of times when changed avatars weren't displaying. Is there any way to fix this?
  9. cultr1

    The Well - Cultr1

    Hey fellas. So you guys probably get how this goes at this point. In case you totally bailed on our las threads and are tuning in just now, you ask me tons of questions, and I answer them. Ask me anything, I don't give a heck what it is. Oh right, a bio. I'm a Junior in high school in Oregon...
  10. cultr1

    Display age on posts

    Why did this go away? I liked that feature. Is it possible to bring it back? I preferred when it when I didn't have to visit a profile to see whether or not I'd be able to see it on their profile.
  11. cultr1

    CS+ Seasonal Graphics Error

    So I was playing through CS+ with the seasonal graphics, and I found this: fix it. please.
  12. cultr1

    So I walk in to my dining room...

    And see this: cats are taking over the Internet, discuss. First with captione images, and now this? When does it end? Also, Cats General
  13. cultr1

    CaveTrek I haven't been to Nicalis' site in a while, but it's looking snazzy :) This browser game is really fun, and free. Play it The music is awesome, too
  14. cultr1

    Black Friday

    I should sleep
  15. cultr1

    How fast can you type? I got 58 words per minute. I dunno, I'm just trying to get an average here. I type faster when I'm looking at the keyboard though, which may make things significantly easier for me when I'm not copying text.
  16. cultr1

    Nitronic Rush

    Hey losers. What games are you guys playing now? Skyrim? Saint's Row 3? Well I have some news, those games are for FUCKING PUSSIES Welcome to NITRONIC RUSH THE COOLEST FUCKING SHIT ON THE PLANET vNuSvuzPL10 Watch this and cry tears of manly AWESOMENESS Don't you DARE watch that in ANYTHING...
  17. cultr1

    Are people allowed to be banned if they're really dumb?

    I'm talking like, you don't even understand what they're saying half the time. I'm just asking because I get distracted here a lot and I'm thinking of banning someone. Please help Dx
  18. cultr1

    on Men and Crying

    Crying is pretty much taboo among teenage males and adult males alike, but I'm sure we all have varied opinions on it. Personally the concept of my associates shedding tears doesn't really bother me, being jaded is for losers; I'm sure there are a few times when it's really weird, or times when...
  19. cultr1

    Noxid's Own Thread

    the last one was dumb. This one'll teach 'em
  20. cultr1

    Out Own Thread

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    So I kept seeing all these reviews of this new game that came out called Bastion, but I paid it no mind. But when Zero Punctuation took a loom at it an actually liked it, I figured it was time to check it out. And now, I present to you Bastion, an indie game produced by SuperGiant games, with...
  22. cultr1

    Creepy Avatars

    Go get them. Let's creep out every potential new user who joins our forum. Creepy locations/sigs/custom user titles would be neat too. Let's do this
  23. cultr1

    I got invites to Google+

    who would like one of them?
  24. cultr1

    Cave Story ORGs

    SO, I needed them, and the only way to get them is to download some program on the tribute site that nobody really uses, and I thought to myself: "Fuck that, am I right?" So here. That's all.
  25. cultr1

    First person to post in this thread

    Gets a copy of Monday Night Combat, on me.