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  1. TheDoctor

    The Space Race

    no offense or anything but America is not the center of the world you know, just because Donald became president doesn't mean the whole world will collapse, and even if all of the countries in the world had Donald as president I don't think that space colonization would get delayed
  2. TheDoctor

    Congratulations CSTSF with 4000 members!

  3. TheDoctor

    Add a "like" option!

    I've seen this kind of option on other forums, so why not add it here?
  4. TheDoctor

    In Soviet Russia...

    I'll start off. In Soviet Russia, burger king eats you!
  5. TheDoctor

    Igor + Beast Fang?

    Well, I looked at some old theories and saw one about the Beast Fang being the Red Ogre's tooth. But what if it was Igor's tooth? What if he lost it while transforming into a Rabid? Look at this: Here is Igor's portrait And this is the Beast Fang Now look what happens if we put it inside his...
  6. TheDoctor

    A question regarding copyright issues

    So, I also play a game called King Arthur's Gold. I decided to make a mod for it with a friend of mine, which is about Cave Story. So here's the thing: We use only the original game graphics in the main stuff, but we have some things that are from Cave Story +. Specifically, we are using the...
  7. TheDoctor

    Does anyone have the Spur charge up sound?

    I've found the other sound effects, but I can't seem to find this specific one. Help?
  8. TheDoctor

    Could someone get me the "font" of the Cave Story title?

    I kind of need the alphabet in the style of the cave story title...
  9. TheDoctor

    No background in Wind Fortress?

    I've seen playthroughs through it, and there's a kind of cloudy background. When I finally beat Ballos, I tried out Wind Fortress... When I came through the door in the Drafty Cave, there was no background. It just had like a black one. Help?
  10. TheDoctor

    Art section.

    The title says it all. I do a bit of art, and especially pixel art. I want a place to post my CS gifs.
  11. TheDoctor

    Cutest thing in Cave Story?

    Probably Toroko.
  12. TheDoctor

    What abilities do the Demon Crown give the wearer?

    While I was trying to beat the Sacred Grounds for like the thousandth time, I thought of this. The obvious is that he gets control of Misery, a powerful witch. But is that the only ability the crown gives? Post what you think. Here's the list so far (gonna edit this when more things...
  13. TheDoctor

    [Game] King Arthur's Gold

    I'm pretty sure this one hasn't been talked about yet. Anyways, this is a 2D pixel game which is based on Terraria and Minecraft. It's a multiplayer game with different modes like Capture The Flag and TDM (Team Death Match). It costs 7.99 €, but it's totally worth it I can assure you. Here's...
  14. TheDoctor

    Blackboard in Arthur's House?

    While I was re-doing the game for the millionth time(I wanted to), I noticed the scribbling on the blackboard. What could this be? I know that the drawing on the corner is Ikachan, but what about that other stuff?
  15. TheDoctor

    What are your opinions of The Doctor?

    Just post one pro and one con about The Doctor!
  16. TheDoctor

    How was the island made / By whom

    Well, I made a discussion at the wiki about this, and this is what a guy said: *I don't think any of the Gaudi said anything about Jenka creating the Island There are 6 Gaudi you can talk to in the game. One is Chaba, who usually only talks about his shop. 4 of the others talk about the...
  17. TheDoctor

    Moonsong gif?

    does anyone know how to get this animated gif on this website off: