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    OneShot was updated for solistice for those who have played through it since they'll understand why. One of the best games i've played.
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    Yes, Yes i do. Don't know why but meh. Nice to see you still do too SP.

    Yes, Yes i do. Don't know why but meh. Nice to see you still do too SP.
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    Crypt of the Necrodancer

    Crypt of the necrodancer is a pretty fun game and king konga is probably my most hated boss out of the three. Also that screenshot you linked is pretty old, the boss rooms changed since its early access release on steam. Looking forward to it being finished, i played it pretty heavily on its EA...
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    Wings of Vi

    If your not one for playing something repeatedly from a lot of deaths then i'd say avoid it, It takes a lot of deaths to learn how to traverse the levels and beat the bosses.
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    Wings of Vi

    I just logged on to post this lol I can confirm atleast for me, this game was amazing and awesome. I've beaten it multiple times now. I wrote a "review" of it on my steam but ill put it here as well I also have some videos posted on my...
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    1001 Spikes

    Well that wouldn't matter now the games out....right? If your interested in the game go buy it?
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    1001 Spikes

    I didn't try to get in the beta, but I picked it up on release and have already done everything there is to do in it. Yeah curly is the most op character in the game, but mainly because she breaks the levels with her booster.
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    Momodora-Cave Story like

    Necrobump etc. I haven't played the originals yet, i will try them now because i came across this in steam greenlight It's the third in this series. It looks pretty good. pUbnXidUhY4
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    Anyone know the Megaman Battle network?

    Oh yeah megaman battle network, you mean this right?
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    Ah yeah that sounds right. Im just trying to spread knowledge of this game around because i really think this game will be successful. Also this is on the homepage but ill post this here F5d-USf69SU EDIT: I feel the need...
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    Requests/Commissions Advertisement Thread

    I don't want any art but i just wanted to mention on your page you're one of the first people on dA i've seen to have a reasonable price for points, i see so many people with like 10,20,50 point commissions and it just seems retarded to draw something for like 30 cents.
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    Future of these forums?

    Honestly i'm pretty surprised this place hasn't gone already. After most stuff has been discussed already, no new cave story game insight. I rarely check this site at all nowadays, like once every month or two and that's just a glance not really reading much.
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    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    Finished the game, all 117% of it(yeah you heard me right lol) Took me like 15 hours, but yeah the game was freaking awesome, definitely one people should try if their still on the fence about it.
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    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    Played this for about 5 hours so far and im enjoying this immensely, I agree with noxid in that the character art is subpar, but honestly i think he had to do that since each character is animated in the chat parts even if it is slightly, otherwise it would of taken far more effort for no...
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    Ace of Spades

    You know there is the new one as well which i quite like. Weird it wasn't mentioned in its own thread. Its 50% off atm, and it does contain a classic TDM if you really liked the original that much.
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    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    I thought i should post to tell people that its coming to pc in a few months on steam. It was only announced recently.
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    New from Capcom

    I owned ducktales on my original nes, it was the shit back in the day! Oh god i sound old.
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    Save Ctory (Version 0.5 Beta) *THE BURLY MODE UPDATE*

    Wasn't there a cavestory mod ages ago that also edited the dialog in a hilarious way, like 4-5 years ago
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    Cave Story: Hard Mode

    As have i back in 2008, monster x was probably the worst to deal with. Once i eventually beat hell on 3 hp i didn't touch cavestory for like 2 years haha it took everything away from me. Although recently i've started to do the cs+ hardmode bit by bit, still frustrating as ever ... currently at...
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    Hydra Castle Labyrinth

    Already played this like (2? 1 years ago) Pretty decent and fun game, little confusing without a map at first though.
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    vxLIlo5ICyI Bleed is an action-platformer focused on stylish, acrobatic dodging and fluid, challenging gameplay. Wryn wants to be the ultimate videogame hero, but the Greatest Heroes of All Time have already been chosen. Help her take them down one by one in an action-packed bid to claim the...
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    La Mulana NEW pc

    Yeah thats right folks, they actually put the wiiware La mulana on PC (Alot quicker then cs+ took -_-) Im sure alot of you are well aware about La mulana ( i first heard about it like 4 years ago from this forum lol thanks) So rejoice at its shinyness...
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    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    Ah cool, thanks. Why do people keep thinking you can get it free now, this isn't beta of the whole game. That time has well and truly past.
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    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    Seriously why hasn't the challenge timer bug been fixed yet. I'm surprised it's still in there :/.....
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    Cave Story+ Needs You! (Again...) ( ^ _ ^ )

    So now that your gonna be doing this ty, are you guys gonna look into fixing the bug on windfortress where if you die your time still continues if you retry?