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  1. Merlinoboy

    The "I HATE MERLINOBOY" thread.

    If you want to tell everyone about me/expiriences with me, then let youself go. I won't get angry, or even mad. I will stay in peace with myself. Now people, post so much you want!
  2. Merlinoboy

    The "I know what this means in Dutch" or "What does that mean in Dutch" thread!

    Hi everyone of MiraIGamer, I have started this thread cuz it could be funny if more people were to learn Dutch. So i made this so everyone of the whole world could learn something of this language/thread. So, to begin, i'll translate this for y'guys: Als je een nederlandse zin hebt, of een...
  3. Merlinoboy

    Rate favorite sonic character of the one above you

    Requested by explosive... We'll start with the one and only... SONIC GO GO GO PEOPLE!
  4. Merlinoboy

    Cave Story for NintendoDS has to return

    On the tribute site was once a link to the cave story nds version, but it vanished... Will it ever come back? Does anyone know? Please, i want it back!
  5. Merlinoboy

    For those with mac.

    I am starting this thread for everyone on a mac. I know there are LOOOOTS of people with windows, and they all have very good mods, unlike the mac. I think that the mac-lovers have to get a change to get their mods too... well... i don't really have them myself, but if i figure out how to, then...