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  1. AquaDoesStuff

    Grotto Myth (Short Demo/Proof of Concept)

    "Sometimes, two worlds, regardless of their traits, will develop many parallels to each other. Equivalent people, equivalent locations... However, when something from one world enters the other... Both worlds are at risk of completely falling apart." After a couple months of work, I've created...
  2. AquaDoesStuff

    Cave Story: Anniversary Project

    Calling the animators over on this site, the first Cave Story animation project for its anniversary is here. This is the Cave Story: Anniversary Project! Goal?: To have several animators to work together and retell the game's story by having multiple talented fans animating it, all for the...
  3. AquaDoesStuff

    Cave Story: The Story That Never Happened Demo (REALLY BAD MOD DONT PLAY)

    Hey guys! Here is my first mod, and I hope you like it. I will answer any questions when I have time. :) This is only the first portion of the game, so don't judge me for how uncompleted it is. Screenshots: I will answer questions by replies, so don't check all over the place up here for them...
  4. AquaDoesStuff

    The Almond (Remix)

    I worked hard on this remix. I attempted to make a remix of the music that plays before The Core boss fight, and I hope any of you who are looking at this enjoy it. Download: