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    .AVI files in Cave Story

    Yeah, actually my 1st comment was only for joking. :p I belivied him in the first time, but, I went to CE, opened the game, and then, I saw the IMG command. I wrote an envent with the ".avi" command, it didn't work.I just got an error message.And THEN, I realized it was a trick.
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    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~ YEAh! King screen!

    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~ YEAh! King screen!
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    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~

    ~~Best time of sanctuary: 3'57"08~~
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    HELL : 3"57"06

    HELL : 3"57"06
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    A sorta different way to do framerects

    It's a progaming language or something like that,propably wrote with ollydbg.If U want to undersand it, learn assembly(It takes months,or more,I have started learning 3 months ago,and i understand a bit :p)
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    .AVI files in Cave Story

    I am REALLY IMPRESSED!! first the thing with ballos, and now this!this guy is a GENIUS!
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    If this actually happened in Cave Story, how would you react?

    A) LOL XD. Good animation though.....
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    Happy Belated Birthday Cave Story!

    My best memories were the fist time I played cave story, when i went to the balcony, i couldn't defeat the core after 50 tries, and when i did,well
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    Bomb Making Robot

    download cave story again and a profile if u don't want to restart.
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    What did you dream about last night?

    I dreamed that I was kidnapped by my teacher, and then she sold to some guys who killed me.
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    "What are you currently playing?" Screenshot thread

    Zelda mystery of solarus DX
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    If you could return to any point in your life...

    Maybe a few weeks ago, right before I loose all my work on msery story FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! :sue: :critter:
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    The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Through Time (Demo 1)

    I like the new bkground,tileset. Also,the boss fight is buggy.
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    The "What Do You Want For Christmas" Thread!

    I was sure that someone would make this thread.
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    Story Changed (0.1 demo now available)

    In the 3rd screenshoot, the little en enemies remind me of something, I can t say what...
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    Beneath the Surface (Version 0.0.5)

    WOW, that sound like a BIG, AMBITIOUS, INTERESTING project. If U need help, I could possibly help you. Did you hear about the Cave story Redesign? You can find it here It is the HARDEST, LONGEST mod on this forum( at least I think :3 ). I forgot who...
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    Arthur and the red flowers

    I think Arthur cooked red flowers to become stronger and protect the mimiga village, and when he died, King did the same thing to become as strong as arthur. For me, the real question is how did they discover that red flowers can make them stronger and keep self-control...
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    Physical cart of CS+?

    Ah,I understand now.... I wanted to change my username to a shorter one, beceause it is too long to put it in the place of "Studio pixel presents..." in a mod I am about to realease (^_^)
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    Physical cart of CS+?

    Hi, I really fel like a NOOB beceause of asking this, but, how can I find "Display Name" in the settings, to change my Name? I SPENT 1 HOUR AND I COULDN'T FIND IT,so it is very annoying.
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Thanks! you really helped me! Oh, and there is one more thing I need to know, how can I switch The characters of the player? (Like Quote and the mimiga mask).
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    I have a question : How can I stop an animation? for exemple, I want to make Curly walk until she arrives to a teleporter and stop there, not in another place.
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    Dreams of Reality

    You got me, I hacked.
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    Cave Story - Redesign v0.50.6

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally ended the DEMO, It was very hard and long, it tooks me ONE YEAR and two months. What I prefered in this mod was the bouble attack for some weapons like the blade. Anyway, it was great and long, I will be...
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    Cavern Tale [The Museum Update]

    There are some bugs, here is what i found : -In the sand box, when you fight Curly, between the colons there is a Toroko attacking, when you shoot on it, it is knocked out, BUT, if you talk to toroko after she is knocked out, you will see the custcene where Misery join Curly to her party, and...