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    Cave story mods on xbox 360?

    I just buyed an xbox 360, and I was wondering, is it possible to convert mods to a compatible format with the xbox?( I wanted to play a lost land - by Carrotlord - on it.) Could you guys help me?
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    Problems with Cave story+

    I buyed Cave story+ on steam, but after installing it, it doesn't run! I was told it was because of DirectX, the I downladed the latest version, and it still doesn't work! Worst ! I can't play mods with 2 X resolution ! Can you guys help? :sue: :koron: :muscledoc: :confused:
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    Another New udpated version of Blade challenge( v2.5)

    So, after cave story 2 demo was virused, I decided to restart it on a new computer,but It is not finished yet. Then I worked on another short mod, called Blade challenge. This mod is a hard level using only the blade. Report any bugs, read the file read me first before playing, and I am shure...
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    Cave story 2 DEMO

    Hi every one, I made a mod, a follow to cave story 4th ending, beceause in this mod, King and Toroko aren't dead. Download link <removed 4 virusez> The full version will be posted before 5 august. Enjoy, and give me some feedback.