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    Just a series of random questions.

    EDIT: After [below] I got kinda scared so.... [/spoiler] Please, please, please, pleaaaaaaaaassse don't fight or anything. Pretty Please? (。・ˇ_ˇ・。​) And for those who wonder why i still even have it up is.... Well, Curiosity killed the cat. So, I thought, why not? Cave Story (for...
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    Join Date: 03 Dec 2013 Location: USA Posts: 16 I happened to notice this thing >> Cat: 428 0 warning points What is it?
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    What exactly IS the Surface?

    "The surface world lies below the floating island. Many of the game's characters originate from the surface, for instance, the Doctor, Quote, Curly Brace, and Sue Sakamoto. Humans seem to gain control of the Surface, and research expeditions have been held to investigate the island above it."...
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    If you could return to any point in your life...

    Basically what the title says. If you could return to any point in your life, when (or where, dunno how grammar works) would you return to? With all your memories intact, but returning to the body you had at that time. I would personally return to when I was a 1st grader, life was awesome back...
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    Project CS2 (Nadojin) Sketches