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  2. nlove77

    So I'm playing hard mode for the first time...

    Good luck, you on you're own.
  3. nlove77

    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    Well, I have a few: Once I purposely jumped into Santa's spikes (literally why does he have those) Power Critter Plantation's Press Wall when I saw the puppy. BALROG... 1st time.
  4. nlove77

    Dumbest thing you've done during your first playthrough of cave story?

    I got my head handed to me by toroko XD
  5. nlove77

    Could someone get me the "font" of the Cave Story title?

    Cave Story i think it is that. Its New Times Roman
  6. nlove77

    Cutest thing in Cave Story?

    I think the critters is cute :3 :awesomeface: :critter: