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  1. SableArc

    Beneath the Surface (Version 0.0.5)

    Nope. At least, I don't. The other 2/3 may...
  2. SableArc

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    Well, you can't complain about more pokemon. :P
  3. SableArc

    Yeah, how was it nadojin?

    Yeah, how was it nadojin?
  4. SableArc

    Okay. Sorry.

    Okay. Sorry.
  5. SableArc

    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    The little fish in the lake at the veeeeeeeeeeeeery beginning... on the Wii.
  6. SableArc

    Cave Story Webcomic (Also "Hi, I'm new here.")

    I liked it. It was rather entertaining. Hope to see more from you ! :)
  7. SableArc

    Your avatar is?

    Your avatar is?
  8. SableArc

    Journey of the Explorer/Ekusupurora no Tabi [Build 0.0.0]

    Cool! I think the music is pretty good now. ( Not that I know anything about music.) Ask the older guys, I guess. ^_^
  9. SableArc

    I swear to god you're emo.

    I swear to god you're emo.
  10. SableArc

    Journey of the Explorer/Ekusupurora no Tabi [Build 0.0.0]

    It... It's not bad? It sounds like the same thing, only that some parts are louder. It t'was also a bit choppy. Should be as BGM though. ( after a bit of... polishing.)
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    Let's write a story

    To do that, he must... "Curly... Brace..." He blacks out.
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    Journey of the Explorer/Ekusupurora no Tabi [Build 0.0.0]

    This is late, I know.... If that's the case, have them help you with any Japanese that you're going to put up publicly. If it were me, I wouldn't put it up before the Japanese - translated version at all. Music- Sounds fine to me, If only a bit repetitive, and slightly shallow... Art- I...
  13. SableArc

    Once upon a time...

    Once upon a time...
  14. SableArc

    Journey of the Explorer/Ekusupurora no Tabi [Build 0.0.0]

    Hope you know Japanese. If you don't (which I doubt, I mean, common, who tries to translate a game into a language they don't know? haha.) Please, PLEASE don't use an online translator. It should be obvious why. Any case, It looks cool from what I've seen. I'm cheering you on!
  15. SableArc

    Holy crap, I'm a regular senior member now!

    Holy crap, I'm a regular senior member now!
  16. SableArc

    Cave Story FanArt

    THEY DON'T HAVE SHADOWS! VAMPIRES! ...It's the vampires that don't have shadows right? Maybe? *Cringe*
  17. SableArc

    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    What. Is this place..... Oh, by the gods. I... I cant describe.... Well, whatever. So, Introducing myself.... Um. Hey. *Offers hand* ( Nadojin, you're doing it wrong -_-) waits..... Awwwwww no one took it. :(
  18. SableArc

    The 2014 Valentines Day Thread!

    Wait. No. What. Ohhh..... you mean that story. M'kay. seems I get misunderstood. alot. -_- oh well. Sorry to hear that Dunc...
  19. SableArc

    Any One Piece fans here?

    Dubs in general suck. I'm probably biased though -_- I can say I've read most of one piece. I probably skipped over..... 20 chapters though. Its so loooooooooooooong..............
  20. SableArc

    The 2014 Valentines Day Thread!

    This is where I would normally start ranting about the cultural significance of a thousand paper cranes, then end up telling some sad story, but, I think I'll hold back for now. -_- But, yeah. Great job. where did you find the time? :)
  21. SableArc

    The 2014 Valentines Day Thread!

    You can go make yourself a card now. Happy Valentines Day!
  22. SableArc

    Cave Story Prequel

    Is it just me, or is Sue darker than the original?
  23. SableArc

    Keroro Gunso, anyone?

    ehhh... wrong. It's traditionally frowned upon in Japan. (At least to my knowledge) Book Off is basically the only store that allows /encourages that.
  24. SableArc

    Keroro Gunso, anyone?

    Oh yeah! I remember that! I used to watch it all the time when I got back from school! Fond memories of 立ち読み too! ... In Japanese of course. It would sound weird in English -_- Wait, there's a new one?
  25. SableArc

    Discourage/Ban Religious Discussion

    Whoa. Doors. Clam down. It was a suggestion. Just a suggestion. Really, I wasn't saying that the mods/admin were doing a bad job or anything. Just a suggestion. And, "Also also: Dasu is not trying to start shit. She made a thread to ban unnecessary arguments TO HELP THE FORUMS. She even said...