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  1. Shimmyzmizz

    Who constructed the Core Room?

    It's pretty obviously not natural, and it doesn't seem like something the core could do itself. Magic is always a possibility, but that kind of stuff never really explicitly crossed with computers and technology in the game. (Though I guess the magic that turned Sue & Itoh into Mimigas was...
  2. Shimmyzmizz

    Gamespot Cave Story Union

    I was searchin' CS when I found this. While at first, it looked okay, then I found this post: For those who couldn't under this person's bad grammar, they basically said that you shouldn't save in the Prefab House, because if you do you can't get out, and then you have to do "time attack"...
  3. Shimmyzmizz

    Prisons: A Cave Story Mod idea

    DEMO v0.01 The following is a mod idea I had: You are a prisoner/prisoner of war in a prison camp. (Hence the title) Anyway, you escape and are on the run from, well, whoever incarcerated you. Yeah, not the most original plot line, but I thought I...
  4. Shimmyzmizz

    Cave Story Forums Hurt and Heal

    This came up on the other Hurt and Heal thread. Basically, it's the same, but 1. you start with 20HP, and 2. If you die, you can't do anything (you can be revived). Here is the list of Active Person's (If you would like to be off the list just say so, the same with being on it.) (Sorry if I...
  5. Shimmyzmizz

    What was the story of Halder, Anatupone, and Miakido(the other wielders of the Crown

    We know a bit of Miakid's (the reason Quote and Curly came to the island), but how did Halder get the crown from Misery, how did Anatupone get it from him, and how did Miakido get it from Anatupone?