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  1. FortniteLover2

    How to count (in base 10)

    people see a lot of things in their every day lives, but how do they quantify the AMOUNT of things they see? the 'number', you may call it. well it's actually really easy; they use the base 10 decimal system. In base 10, there are 10 digits that can form any number of numbers...
  2. FortniteLover2

    Kick Reason to the Curb

    Post about times you did the impossible and beat the odds. Can be about anything as long as it's cool, whether that be clutching a solo squad win in fortnite when your teammates are down or beating that super hard boss while you've only got one health. To start, I recently aced a math test I...
  3. FortniteLover2


    After I spent about 3-4 months on it, it is finally done. No demos or anything like that, this is the full mod you've all been dreading waiting for! You play as the gunsmith, on his journey to create the polar star. You meet several new companions, and make several new enemies. Travel through...
  4. FortniteLover2

    Ghost Kitten's Adventure: Classic Cotton Candy Continued

    This mod was made by me, @RareBeeph, and Dean (aka Your_Undoing) for the third Modfest. I fixed a couple bugs here and there and now we're ready for a release. Download: NOTE: This is not the "fixed" version of the mod, also known as...
  5. FortniteLover2

    Halloween Mini-Modcon (HMM) 2017

    Oh boy another modcon :mahin: VB'S HALLOWEEN MINI-MODCON :debug: nice. This is new. I'm not sure if it'll work or not. Well, I'm making a modding contest. A mini modding contest. Here's the info! Alrighty. Get modding! :pignon2:
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    Whelp you sick fricks, I've done it. After two months of an insane amount of playtesting for 4 rooms, I've finally finished. If you find any bugs, which you probably will, then feel free to share them so they get fixed. Previous versions: Current Versions: Link (ver.8)...
  7. FortniteLover2

    Zelda SS Link vs. TP Link

    Simple. Which one do you think would win in a fight. Skyward Sword Link vs. Twilight Princess Link. I believe SS Link would win because: 1. He is more mobile and fast, and uses his sword faster, while TP Link is slower with his sword. Everyone says he will get tired but he really won't if he...
  8. FortniteLover2

    Escape the Room Story DEMO (V.2 just released!)

    This is a mod I made in around 8 - 12 hours. You have to escape some rooms. The mod is not complete. It took so long because I had to fix a lot of bugs. V.1: the Room Story V.2...
  9. FortniteLover2

    DEMO: Maze Story

    So uhh... I made an unfinished mod. Here is the demo: DEMO: (Just fixed even more bugs) Have fun. The first Cave looks like that on purpose. The demo ends in Mimiga Village. EDIT: I still regret this to this day. -4/9/17
  10. FortniteLover2

    The UnderTale Thread

    I said it.
  11. FortniteLover2

    .ORG files into .OGG files?

    Is there a way I can turn .ORG files into .OGG files?
  12. FortniteLover2

    Pixel Starships™ : 8Bit Sci-Fi Spaceship MMORPG Space Sim

    The title explains all. This game was made by SavySoda, and is free on the app store. Yes, it's buggy, yes, the ship upgrading system sucks, but, I have to admit, it has some potential. I've been playing for two weeks and love it. The pvp is great, and the alliances are great! Also, there are...
  13. FortniteLover2

    Is Cave Story A prequel to Undertale?

    I just thought of this theory a while ago and wanted to get it out. Is Cave Story the prequel to Undertale? I think it is. It would explain the goat people (A Mimiga goat hybrid?). Here's my theory. In the normal CS ending, when the island falls, there could be a few surviving Mimiga. Those...
  14. FortniteLover2

    Cave Story: Chinfish Rescue Demo

    Well, I've decided to make a new CS mod: In the game, Chinfish is captured. You must save him. Changes: 1. Fixed glitch where after getting the Silver Locket an invisible King and Toroko appear. 2. Fixed glitch where Chinfish is in...
  15. FortniteLover2

    Ghost kitten adventure 2 =FULL GAME=

    OK, I finished GKA2 and wanted to release it a bit early. I hope you enjoy it. Here's a download link: [Future me says no to this. Removed link.] Please report all glitches to me. Thank you. ;) I'll put up screenshots later.
  16. FortniteLover2

    Ghost Kitten's Adventure

    OK. I made a CS mod. Get it at: Please don't criticize. It's my first mod. But really, who won't? Report any glitches you happen to come across. Thank you. EDIT: Here's the updated version. I fixed the ending...