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  1. knuckles5577

    Curly's Story

    A while back I was making a mod called Curly's Story. I had quit due to time constraints and lack of a good story. Now I'm bringing it back! More info: (May contain spoilers!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures Title Screen: New...
  2. knuckles5577

    Who else has a habit of starting another project before finishing your others?

    Here's what I have: 2 Cave Story mods, 1 Rpg Maker 2 Game, 2 Rpg Maker 3 Games, and A Super Metroid mod I sort of abandoned. (It was never really started, just a bunch of ideas) Do you have a habit of starting more when you aren't finished with your others? How many projects do you have? I...
  3. knuckles5577


    I've been working on this for a few weeks now... and I'm finally ready to make a thread about it. It's sort of a remake of NES Metroid using Cave Story's Engine. I don't really have much done yet, but here are some pictures. The morph ball doesn't really work like it's supposed to yet. I...
  4. knuckles5577

    What anti virus do you use?

    I've used Norton, Mcafee, Avg and Avast. Norton and Mcafee sucked. I can't remember what Avg was like. Avast was pretty good but my computer has problems with it...