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  1. PrettyAwesome

    Cave Story Machinima Thread

    A CAVE STORY: EPISODE 1 (WORK IN PROGRESS) UPDATED DAILY! INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone! I figured it would be a cool idea to have a thread that I update as we work on our episodes to give you some sneak peeks into what we are doing. At this current posting, I rendered a few shots that I've done...
  2. PrettyAwesome

    Cave Story Machinima Idea

    Hello everyone. Been contemplating the idea of doing a machinima with Cave Story. I love that this game has all of the sprite assets and such readily available. I went into After Effects and created a generic scene of some sort to test things out. It turned out pretty decent. Was wondering if...
  3. PrettyAwesome

    Cave Story Orchestrated! (rearranged for orchestra)

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. My friend and I are working on a project that is more than just recomposing the Cave Story music. Must be super secretive. My goal in orchestrating the music is not to do an exact copy of the music. I made some changes I thought would fit more into an...