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  1. jed1ndy

    "「愛している」と言ってやる", or "Saying 'I Love You'"

    I was recently going through and translating the filenames and descriptions for the PiyoPiyo set, and noticed that a couple of the songs' descriptions (including one which would eventually become "Plant" in Cave Story) made reference to a project known as "「愛している」と言ってやる", which translated in...
  2. jed1ndy

    Cave Story's (REAL) 10th Anniversary

    In case you haven't read the title, Cave Story is about to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. Now, although it's still somewhat early (Cave Story was released Dec. 20), I still find it kind of cool that Cave Story will soon be a decade old. Sooo... How did you first find out about Cave Story...
  3. jed1ndy

    2 Missile Launchers

    I don't know if this is supposed to happen, but when I picked up the Missile Expansions in "Egg Corridor?", I was given another Missile Launcher with a max of 5 missiles. So I now have the Spur, a Super Missile Launcher (max ammo 20), the Fireball, the Bubbler, the Nemesis (went ahead and picked...