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  1. minerguy667


    That blob boss looks like a critter and steroids!
  2. minerguy667

    CONFIRMED: King ate red flowers and survived

    For the pink eye part, maybe King's albino? Albino rabbits have pink eyes, and rabbits are like Mimigas.
  3. minerguy667

    CONFIRMED: King ate red flowers and survived

    Maybe cooking the flowers (like Pixel said) gets rid of the stuff that makes you crazy, but keeps the stuff that makes you powerful.
  4. minerguy667

    Need your opinions on my stand-alone Cave Story game...

    Pretty Nice! But you should expand the window size (I'm not a big fan of squinting)
  5. minerguy667

    Ask a dumb question.

    Because its not in a bag Why did I even post that?
  6. minerguy667

    Cave Story: The Final Chapter (Beta 1.0)

    ==Bugs== You can phase through a wall right of the village save point You randomly get a booster Your damaged at the beginning Egg Corridor critters are insta-kill (intended?) Fun plot idea (since you requested N's rooms music): After N flew off the Pokemon B/W, he found the island and used...
  7. minerguy667

    Why the Fireball is Required

    Its pretty useful on Ironhead because you can't shoot down, but the fireball is still affected by gravity.
  8. minerguy667

    Booster, Scooter, Rocket Fuel

    The teleporters could simply be broken. Or someone turned them off. Besides Mexico isn't all that south, its capital is only 19*03' N
  9. minerguy667

    Booster, Scooter, Rocket Fuel

    Due to the Core, Ballos, and the Demon Crown, the island has a high "magical radiation" level. Every electronic item on the island has a device that condenses this "radiation" into electrical energy.
  10. minerguy667

    Why the Fireball is Required

    Without the fireball, you can't re-light Chaco's fireplace, and the secret passage would be so "secret" anymore. Besides, in a world of robots, teleporters, and insane immortal wizards, I doubt you wold have to light a fuse to set off a explosive.
  11. minerguy667

    Mail Story

    Route One? Will I be ambushed by a Pidgey?
  12. minerguy667

    King and Red Flowers

    Perhaps he cooked it, like Pixel said, and that removed the stuff that makes the mimigas go crazy.
  13. minerguy667

    The Beast Fang's Intent

    Maybe the block its buried in was a monument to Arthur for defeating the Red Demon, complete with one of its teeth!
  14. minerguy667

    Cave Story Challenge!

    Why not fireball only? Have fun not being able to shoot up!
  15. minerguy667

    Through Troubles and Hardships (Cave Story Fanfic/Novelization)

    Great fanfic!! Other fanfics I've read have unreadable spelling and grammar. I hope you won't decide to abandon it (Like some CS mods ended up). BTW if you search up "cave story fanfiction" on bing, yours is the third result.
  16. minerguy667

    Video Game Book Club for People

    aren't most emulator games illegal, unless you have the actual game?
  17. minerguy667

    iPad mini commercial

    First came the I-Pod..Then the slightly thinner I-Pod..... then a tiny I-Pod....then a taller thinner I-Pod, then a........WE GET IT IPODS IPODS IPODS!!! Hilarious..Just hilarious
  18. minerguy667

    Kazuma Knew Quote Before Cave Story?

    Kazuma didn't necessarily have to know Quote personally, he could of saw him on the news, or read his Wikipedia page.
  19. minerguy667

    anti virus issues

    I use Kaspersky(pure), so far it only said one mod had a virus. BTW Are you downloading some of the lesser known mods, they might have viruses.(Or something that resembles a virus)
  20. minerguy667

    Unusual/notable Cave Story LPs.

    its hilarious when he screams"HUZZAH! I"M BALROG!!!" at the beginning. Shouldn't Balrog have a deeper voice though?
  21. minerguy667

    What you REALLY want from the next CS release

    Maybe statistics? It would be nice to see how much exp you collected, or how many enemies you've blown up, and how many times they blew YOU up!
  22. minerguy667

    Why is Chako purple?

    Usually, aren't the males of a species more colorful?
  23. minerguy667

    Cave Story eShop Curly Story Glitch

    These glitches remind me of missingnos and stuff.... poorly debugged games. From the video, it looks like entities fall through blocks.(They used BG blocks instead of foreground ones?)
  24. minerguy667

    Why does Quote wake up in the Start Point?

    Pherhaps start point and the sand zone were very far apart, and Miakid thought that if Q&C were sperated, they would be less of a threat. So he teleported(or had Misery) them there.
  25. minerguy667

    CS Multiplayer

    An online multiplayer sounds cool, but would be hard to set up, maintain, etc. Couldn't you hack CS to support both WASD and arrow keys for two players?