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  1. SuperJaws100

    Code Warfare - Unfinished Release

    Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I've posted a mod release. Some background on this mod. I created as a sort of last hurrah with the Cave Story modding scene as part of an Independent Study class at my high school during senior year. The characters in it are based around myself and...
  2. SuperJaws100

    Videogames and Feminism

    So what's the deal lately with feminists hating on gamers as a whole? I just read a series of Tumblr posts talking about how "geek culture" and "gamer culture" have spawned the latest alt-right movements... which I don't understand at all because it's just blatantly untrue. Yes, you have games...
  3. SuperJaws100

    All Hallows Eve - Update v2.0.0!

    All Hallows Eve A Spooky Cave Story Adventure! Latest version: Two years after they defeated Ballos, Quote and Curly have settled into their lives on the Surface. On this particular night, Quote and Curly have been invited to a Halloween party! When Curly leaves to get some things to...
  4. SuperJaws100

    Windows 10 and Background Programs

    So my computer recently had a little episode and I lost all of my files. That's now what this little rant is about thought... this little rant is about the fact that when HP returned my laptop to me... THEY INSTALLED WINDOWS 10! Now I've already tried Windows 10. And I hate it. Why? My...
  5. SuperJaws100

    Welcome to America...

    ...the best third world country on Earth! This country is officially a train wreck. We're still a good deal better than the worst of the worst countries, but honestly there are places in Africa and South America that are developing and growing at an incredible rate, and some of them even surpass...
  6. SuperJaws100

    Attempted murd

    Why is this guy not banned yet? He seems like a bot to me.
  7. SuperJaws100

    Orlando Massacre and Terrorism

    At 2AM this morning, June 12th, 2016, the worst mass shooting in United States history occurred at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Fifty people were killed and fifty more were injured. The attack has been heralded as the worst act of terrorism since 9/11. Here's what we know about Omar Mateen, the...
  8. SuperJaws100

    Summer ORGmaking Extravaganza

    Alright, so a while back a ton of people were pestering me for another ORGmaking contest. Well people most people were busy with life (or school, they're separate things). Now that summer is almost here, and school is almost out, more people should be less busy. So, to make up for lost time, I...
  9. SuperJaws100

    Pxtone Fonts

    I've been having a lot of difficulty finding fonts to use in Pxtone. I have pepotone, Kirivoice, and Tetra. Does anyone have any other good ones they can share?
  10. SuperJaws100

    ORG Instruments and Styles

    So I've noticed through my time here that the resident musicians in this forum tend to have varying styles when it comes to ORGmaking. When it comes to original music, as well as in some cases transcriptions, you can usually tell who wrote the ORG if you're familiar with that person's other...
  11. SuperJaws100

    Christmas Story 2015

    Christmas Story Such original title. Much wow. Quote and Curly accidentally knocked out Santa Claus (and possibly set him on fire a bit) and now Quote has to deliver presents to everyone on the island! But does a certain "best friend" of Quote's have something else to say about it? Find out in...
  12. SuperJaws100

    Christmas ORG Contest

    The Christmas ORG Contest It's time for another ORG contest, and of course since it's that time of year again.... Let's see who can make the best Christmas ORG! The winner will have the option to have their profile picture, personal sprite, and/or music showcased during the ending credits of A...
  13. SuperJaws100

    YET ANOTHER Music Contest

    Yeah, it's another one. I'm not making a big flashy post, just a simple one. The object of this contest is to make the best... Original Area Theme That's right, an area theme, such as Gestation or Mimiga Village. Same rules as usual. No remixes. No transcriptions. ORGs only, and only Cave...
  14. SuperJaws100

    Putting Real Music in CS

    Alright, so I've looked everywhere on the forums. I KNOW a hack exists that lets you replace the drum tracks or add a .dll or something that lets you put one or two actual songs into a mod. I'm pretty sure I've seen it used as well. So.... me knowing barely anything about coding (I've got the...
  15. SuperJaws100

    Welcome to the Forums! Collab Mod

    So I thought, "Hey, why not make a fun an interesting way of getting most of the community's rules, suggestions, and pet peeves across the table?" "Well how should I do this, and in a way that brings the whole community in on it?" I wondered. "Why, I know! A collaborative modification of Cave...
  16. SuperJaws100

    Shit city

    The "transformed Sue" and "transformed Misery" sprites are really ridiculously glitchy. They usually don't behave as they should. Also, is it me, or do you either have to be really popular or make a shitty mod to get noticed on these forums? EDIT: To elaborate, not many people seem too...
  17. SuperJaws100

    The Battle Spire Challenge

    The Battle Spire Challenge Do you have what it takes to take on multiple bosses at once? And do you have the skills to beat them all faster than other challengers? I certainly don't think so! Features: - Choose from four starter weapons, which upgrade into more powerful weapons later on. -...
  18. SuperJaws100

    The Cave Story Transcription Project v2

    The Cave Story Transcription Project What started out as a simple music project developed into a partial-edit of Cave Story. Explore special developer areas as you play through the original game with brand new and unique BGM tracks! Special rooms, bosses, and more! Full Features List...
  19. SuperJaws100

    Another Music Challenge...

    Everyone really enjoyed this so I guess here comes... The CSTSF Character Theme Contest That's right, it's another music contest! Pick a main Cave Story character and make an ORIGINAL ORG theme for them! The rules are simple, and anyone can join! The deadline is August 25th! Good luck...
  20. SuperJaws100

    Flora and Fauna - A Bio Project

    So we had a free-choice project in Biology in which we had to include ten different organisms in a creative showcase. I created a Cave Story mod. This is the result. It's not too great gameplay-wise, since my forty-year old teacher had to play it, but I think I did well. I got an A...
  21. SuperJaws100

    (Not) Looking for Collab. Partners (Anymore)

    Someone on the forums recently made a point about the difficulty in modding alone. So, for my next work, I'm looking for partners to collaborate with. I'm looking for people who can help produce maps, art, sprites, and potentially ASM so as to make this upcoming mod the best it can be. The...
  22. SuperJaws100

    CSTSF Boss Music Competition

    I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but whatever... It's time to see who can make the best boss track in... The CSTSF Boss Music Competition! The task? Make the best ORIGINAL ORG composition for a boss fight! The winner will be decided by... well somebody. Anyone can enter, but only...
  23. SuperJaws100

    Ace Combat 20th Anniversary

    Wednesday, May 20th is the 20th Anniversary of the ACE COMBAT series! For those of you who don't know, Ace Combat is a flight-combat arcade simulator. It's been revolutionizing gaming for years, being one of the earliest videogames to feature 3D polygons in Ace Combat 2 for the PS One, a...
  24. SuperJaws100

    Noxid WTF

    So I was going to leave a post on Noxid's profile feed about how terrifying his new profile image is, and then my day was ruined. Put me right out of a good mood. Go on. Click his Profile Feed. I DARE YOU. I'm not quite sure how he did it.
  25. SuperJaws100

    Mappy ~ Alpha 0.0.2

    Mappy This classic arcade game by Namco is now being ported to Cave Story! The mod is in Alpha stages right now, as I need a few ASM hacks to continue modding. Alpha Download 0.0.1 - Project Started Alpha Download 0.0.2 - Added all necessary sprites and tiles.