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  1. WhosTony

    The Labyrinth (Greek)

    Current Download I decided to start a mod based off of the Greek Mythologies Labyrinth, The maze. Archives: 1.00 1.10
  2. WhosTony


    My buddy and I are making a tribute movie to cave story called "Tale of the cave" which is the literal translation of Doukutsu Monogatari we're just starting out and we're 8th graders with little or no budget we have a green screen, and a costume maker for the mimigas. Sadly like Hollywood we're...
  3. WhosTony


    Im new and i did use the search button (Trys to avoid teasing) But theres a problem with my first mod i made a starting place and basically copied the start point script from the original and tweaked it so that it doesnt take you to another map and just shows one message i made a door and but...
  4. WhosTony

    Newbie Story

    My first mod Newbie story: Link This is the alpha its about 5 maps Remeber you can use the profile.dat from the previous file on the new one UPDATE 1.1: 4 New maps UPDATE 1.12: Most glitches fixed except for balrog getting stuck And the second rest stop was de-uglied UPDATE 1.2: 12 Maps in total...