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  1. BoomerTerry

    i beat hell using only the blade in 4'14"3 on cave story switch

    this took months to get sub 4'20
  2. BoomerTerry

    any good mods for freeware?

  3. BoomerTerry

    wind fortress speedrun 2:17 on switch

    i beat wind fortress in cs+ switch in 2 minutes and 17 seconds, this was hard to pull off on controller. sorry that the full timer is out of view, just take my word for it
  4. BoomerTerry

    Under 2 minutes Sanctuary run on Switch

    Any tips on how I can lower my time on running sanctuary? I have super missiles, snake, and blade. I always seem to need to use the life jar shortly after running through the minus 10 spikes to save time by not using the time bomb. How can I conserve my health? My best atm is 3'20"9.