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  1. Cyowolf1122

    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    Edit: 1 set given, 2 sets still left! Also, I like to say now that this thread is intended for interested people. The main reason for this is that the initial part of acquiring access to Tier 2 is fairly difficult for new players. I'm here to try and ease that for a few new players. Please keep...
  2. Cyowolf1122

    Anyone up for some rounds of L4D2?

    Heyyyy, I just recently acquired L4D2 and I was curious if any of you had it. If you happen to do, mind adding me to your friends list and playing a few games? I'm a friendly dude, so I'm not expecting uber-perfect runs, or even finished runs, so it's not a problem if you're good or not, I just...
  3. Cyowolf1122

    Cyowolf1122's Let's Play channel

    Hiya guys, apologies for kinda disappearing on ya, I wanted to distance myself a tad from trying to play every single mod on this forum while I was in college. That, and I felt a little silly while having little to contribute to the forums. Well, I've been a bit busy, mostly fiddling with...
  4. Cyowolf1122

    Oh hai there, Looking for THIS?

    For one, the other thread was severely pissing me off. Two, I have quite a few of Ralren's old mods lying around and decided, what the heck: (Link removed) So yeah, here ya guys go. These are the actual things. Enjoy! :D
  5. Cyowolf1122

    A suggestion: Mod Development Section

    Due to recent events here, and noticing that some people on here like to openly discuss mod ideas, I would like to make a suggestion for a new section within the Cave Story forums. My suggestion is to include a Mod Development Section. Now, the purpose of such a section would in essence be to...
  6. Cyowolf1122

    Metroid Phazon

    First off, this is a mod of the NES game, Metroid. It is something that I've been working on for about 2 years. It was the end result of far too much Metroid Prime and Super Metroid. I had, um, gone slightly crazy with Metroid and wanted to create something fun, something hopefully memorable...
  7. Cyowolf1122

    ACTA: The Secret Copyright Treaty

    Guys, you might want to read this: This, I'd never stand for such a thing. This sort of crap really pisses me off. Absolutely freaking ridiculous.
  8. Cyowolf1122

    Evil, evil Mario game clone The first link is to the game and the second link is a downloadable version. This game is a bastard. It will kill you in the most unexpected ways. Go and play it, cause I swear there's a way to beat it. Oh, and tell me how you made it...
  9. Cyowolf1122

    What happened to the Visitor's box?

    You know, the box that shows the number of visits your profile has had and who has visited it. I can't see it and no one else has one either... I don't believe I turned it off, so what happened? Can somebody help me or at least explain what happened to it?
  10. Cyowolf1122

    Flash Movie-Madness

    Anybody seen this flash movie? There's a whole series, all of it's just nuts, and the games kickass, especially madness accelerant! Here's the game, which got me interested in the rest: And here's the very first flash video that started it all...
  11. Cyowolf1122

    How to kill the Postman in LOZ: TP

    Here it is: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  12. Cyowolf1122

    Break the pages!!!! LOLLOLOLOL^_^

    I found this beauty on the internet. Go here: Drag and drop or add the blue button to your bookmarks. Repeatedly click the bookmark. Watch as it breaks any standards-compliant webpage. Lol, this thing is fun! Don't worry, it doesn't actually break anything. To...
  13. Cyowolf1122

    Spriter's Resource is gone!

    What the heck? They're gone! I attempted to go into the site and instead I got this. Anybody know what happened to them? This sucks, they had such good sprite sheets too. I had even used some for my projects...
  14. Cyowolf1122

    Nexius, Free online Shooter!

    I was looking for something to do and stumbled across this thing. Simply put, it's a online shooter with a fairly big community. There are matches constantly going on, so you are never bored. The action is frantic and there are some kickass weapons too. Go here if you are interested. I go by...
  15. Cyowolf1122

    Shoot 'em ups Galore

    I love shoot 'em ups, so I decided to give you guys links to some. Some of the them I have yet to play, so lemme know how they are. The ones I have played are G-type, Galax, Tyrian 2000, Self Destruct, and CloudPhobia, all of which are excellent, frantic, and hard as hell to truely beat. (Some...
  16. Cyowolf1122

    In distance running, humans win!

    Found an astonishing article on our running ability. As it turns out, very few animals can keep up with us in terms of running long distances. We may not be built for speed, but we can keep going far longer than almost any animal. Read on to find out more...
  17. Cyowolf1122

    Santa's strange house

    I'm I the only one who realizes that Santa has a deathtrap in his house?:) Me, I think thats a little strange (and creepy). I wonder why he has it? Maybe some sort of secret was supposed to be there...