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    Holy crap I have not been on here in forever.

    Holy crap I have not been on here in forever.
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    So I finally beat the final boss

    For the life of me I cannot kill Ballo's last form without spamming super missiles into his eye. I die every damn time I try to kill him slightly more legitimately.
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    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    Cryoworld. 5char.
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    How does the dolphin work for people? I've heard of it, but wanted to wait till they had most of the bugs worked out. Let me put it this way: is there a list of games that DO NOT work on dolphin? (there are a shitload of gamecube games I missed out on and would love to play them)
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    An Untitled Story

    So I'm not the only one who watches agentjr. :p
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    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    To any that want the offers: Please, FRIEND ME IN SPIRAL KNIGHTS. Sometimes I just log into steam but don't actually go online for the steam friends list. Plus, if you friend me in Spiral knights, it will give me a notification when you log in.
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    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    Well, considering that neither of those names given are my steam name, that would be mighty hard to friend me. durp. Never thought to add my steam name. Anyhoo, Steam name is Cyowolf. Also, I can't seem to find you. Are you sure you gave me your steam name and not your steam forums name? Or...
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    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    Really? Have you tried deselecting full-screen and then changing it?
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    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    Edit: 1 set given, 2 sets still left! Also, I like to say now that this thread is intended for interested people. The main reason for this is that the initial part of acquiring access to Tier 2 is fairly difficult for new players. I'm here to try and ease that for a few new players. Please keep...
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    Anyone up for some rounds of L4D2?

    Heyyyy, I just recently acquired L4D2 and I was curious if any of you had it. If you happen to do, mind adding me to your friends list and playing a few games? I'm a friendly dude, so I'm not expecting uber-perfect runs, or even finished runs, so it's not a problem if you're good or not, I just...
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    new law that will prohibit the streaming of games if passed.

    Considering that the media industry has been against anything that let's you record anything, and has failed to surpress those, something tells me this isn't going to pass. You guys forget that the actual number of senator's is about 100, and that it takes a fucking loooooooooooooooong time for...
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    Have account on YouTube?

    Here, have some durp that improves further in: I post Let's Play's of games that are of unusual, are relatively unknown, or are personal favorites but are quite good. Kinda like how Good and Evil is a really good, but unnoticed game. Might do something...
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    Cyowolf1122's Let's Play channel

    Adding some more to this thread so I can show you guys the improved video. The second part is the one that contains the improvements, but since it's an unplanned two-parter, I uploaded both: Buck Bumble eps 5 part 1 Buck Bumble eps 5 part 2
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    Double posting can sometimes happen due to your connection lagging a bit, resulting in it thinking you hit the post button twice. It's not the end of the world tho, jeez.
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    Does anyone miss the old Cartoon Network?

    I miss when cartoon Network had cartoons. Now it's Live Action Network.
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    I found out I have 4 mental disorders yesterday.

    Well, now I'm entertained. Too bad OP missed the memo on posting about disorders online. Key word is DON'T. Btw, never, EVER use Wikipedia for info, it's regarded as the single least reputable source on the interwebs. Every single professor I've met pretty gives you an instant F if you use...
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    Low Size MMO?

    Spiral Knights. Best MMO I've ever played. You can play it either via a browser or by Steam. If you do, look for me, I'm Cryoworld. Best bit is that you can get everything in-game without ever spending a dime. If anything, spending money just makes the process faster. You see, you can...
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    Cyowolf1122's Let's Play channel

    Hello again, I'm back with more goodies! I've begun my second LP, this time of a game I played when I was little. Here's the vid: Buck Bumble Ep 1 On a side note, I've been told that my mic is boosted, is there anyway for me to fix this? I want to make this as "listenable" as I possibly can...
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    Did someone say JilJil reskin?

    I wish I knew wth I was doing. .-.
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    Cyowolf1122's Let's Play channel

    Relevant bump with relevant content. Got a test video of the training level of Buck Bumble. Forgive the video mishaps, I was trying to see how it would work. If you wanna see it and let me know what you think, here ya go: Buck Bumble Ep 0 Also, it seems to be lagging, but only on youtube...
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    Did someone say JilJil reskin?

    Dangit, Norton's being a prick and deleting it without asking me. Brb, gonna attempt to configure it's confusing settings so it will either stop it, or at least ask me.
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    Oh god, I think I actually played that as a kid. Btw, does anyone remember those cds that had like 50 or so games? One of them was a ninja game where the ai was cheap as balls. Good times, good times.
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    Cave Story NES cover

    Bravo good sir, impressive demake of the original song/s. (if that's the proper term.)
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    I've been nostalgiaing for Power Pete/Mighty Mike. The only shitty thing is that the game costs 10$, which seems a lot for an old game. =S Oh, and they basically said "fuck you, you can't do so" if you had Power Pete and wanted to upgrade to Mighty Mike, the version where they fixed a lot of...
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    TF2 is free forever.

    Ohhhhh. My bad then man, I misread what you said. Apologies. That's what I get for trying to reply right when I get up, especially after having gone without sleep for about 48hrs. About the grammar, try capitalizing your I's and the first letter of the sentence. It's a bit easier to read and...