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  1. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Things have been a little slow lately, so here's more of a maintenance release: CSE2 v2.1.1 Binaries: CSE2 - Portable CSE2 - Enhanced Enhanced Support for a new soundtrack has been added: DM Dokuro's 'Cave Story Arranged'. You might remember this from my old DLL loader - unlike the DLL...
  2. Clownacy

    A Java game made 10 years ago that still lags on modern hardware is unoptimised? Perish the...

    A Java game made 10 years ago that still lags on modern hardware is unoptimised? Perish the thought...
  3. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Oh wow, thanks for catching that. It turns out I converted some WinAPI code to SDL2 incorrectly (it only processes one input per frame instead of every available input like the original does).
  4. Clownacy

    Has anyone had luck getting the English version running on Windows 98?

    I don't know why the patched EXE wouldn't work, but some people have had success running Cave Story on versions of Windows as far back as 95 by recompiling it with Visual Studio 6, using CSE2. If you want, I can make an EXE like that.
  5. Clownacy

    Programming Language used in Cave Story+?

    C++ - the same as regular Cave Story.
  6. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Thanks - updated with a fix.
  7. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Whoops, sorry - my Windows builder had bad CMake settings. If you redownload CSE2E, the problem should be fixed now.
  8. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Geez-Louise, has it really been that long since the last update? Scope-creep is a real pain. This update just kind of kept accumulating features, meaning the earlier ones have been kept hidden all this time. Anyway, here's CSE2 v2.1. CSE2 v2.1 Binaries: CSE2 - Portable CSE2 - Enhanced...
  9. Clownacy

    misconceptions you had about the game/characters the very first time you played

    I didn't realise Toroko died. Judging by the sound, I thought she was just teleported away. It actually took me several playthroughs to finally notice. Kinda depressing, realising she was dead all along - it was like a dramatic plot-twist or something.
  10. Clownacy

    Is Sue black?

    The sprites are weirdly-inconsistent when it comes to skin-colour. For example: in their in-game sprites, the Doctor and Jenka are the same colour as Sue, yet their facepics depict them as being closer to Momorin and Kazuma. If I had to read between the lines... maybe it's not just that Sue is...
  11. Clownacy

    BLink's ULTIMATE resource guide to modding (CSE2) Cave Story 2020 edition This might not be the best tutorial in the world, but it's the one I used to learn C back in 2014. Just be aware - it'll make you install the original MinGW, which pales in comparison to MSYS2. Still, the way I went about it was that I...
  12. Clownacy

    Fix Japanese text on Windows 10?

    ...wat. Last I checked, it does work with the Japanese EXE. Also, CSE2 Portable/Enhanced have working Japanese support on English Windows installations.
  13. Clownacy

    DLL Mod Loader + Extra music formats mod

    v1.5.2.1 This is a maintenance release: a bug was found involving weapons appearing far away from the player under certain circumstances. There were also some updates to the music DLL's sound mixer, from early 2019. This project will no longer receive any major updates: any future releases...
  14. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    As per a user suggestion, I've made 60FPS optional in CSE2E. So if you like widescreen, but don't want to lose the original floaty physics, there you go. v2.0.2 - Enhanced
  15. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Thanks to Aar, some more bugs were found in the enhanced branch. They've been fixed in this update: v2.0.1.2 - Enhanced
  16. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Darn. Sorry about that: I usually test on Linux, where this issue doesn't happen. It's a really weird bug, actually: there's a bugged command in the Waterway's TSC file, '<FLJ850:0111', which causes the game to read from an invalid place in memory. If what it happens to read is set to 1, it...
  17. Clownacy

    Do you believe Nicalis stole the rights

    Personally, I want to know who holds copyright over Cave Story's original source code.
  18. Clownacy

    Cave Story Engine 2 Switch Port

    Wouldn't CSE2E hurt the sales of CS+ on Steam? EDIT: NXengine-evo has a Switch port as well. If being based on reverse-engineered source code is a problem, then all CSE2 ports are a problem.
  19. Clownacy

    CSE2 or NXEngine?

    CSE2E exists. I can't imagine I Love Cave Story was considering vanilla CSE2, since its goal is to be literally the same as the original.
  20. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    Well that was embarrassing. So not only did CSE2E v2.0 ship with a broken Makefile, but it also had a broken frame-limiter. Well, here's v2.0.1. Usually, for a hotfix release like this, it'd be v2.0.0.1 instead, but this update has an extra feature: since v2.0, I've gone through all the game's...
  21. Clownacy

    CSE2 - The Cave Story decompilation project

    CSE2 v2.0 Geez, has there really not been a release since May? Well, here's v2.0. Why v2.0 and not v1.3? Because we've finally reached the second milestone for the project: ASM-accuracy! The first milestone was making the game completable - playable from beginning to end. Once that was...
  22. Clownacy

    Cave Story GM

    How does ID 62 matching the number of source files indicate that the source files are C++? The focus is ID 60, which is specifically the number of object files linked into the EXE that were generated by a C++ compiler. In Cave Story, it's 2, but in CSE2, it's 71. Edit: Also, that source you...