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  1. gamemanj

    Poll: Which programming languages do people here know?

    I'm performing a poll to see which programming languages people know on the CSTSF. This information should hopefully be kept around so people writing things that will be used by the CSTSF know what to write them in (or what to use as the scripting language) Not much more that could be said, so...
  2. gamemanj

    PiyoPiyo File Format

    (Note: This probably won't be updated further, if you need a decent reference see PiyoPiyoJ's package) I've worked out most of the PiyoPiyo file format. Enough that a player can be written, at least. So I figured I should post it here, since it's useful for those that want to use...
  3. gamemanj

    NPCs In C Entity (NICE)

    I gave this(EDIT: To be specific, a early version which only supported 1 NPC. That changed quickly.) to QuoteHax and Noxid, and Noxid decided it might be useful and that I should make a forum post for it. The name was basically made up on the spot. This is a project to allow making Cave Story...
  4. gamemanj

    Ikachan Map Editor

    I've found out the Ikachan modding scene is dead,and I don't want to bump a thread(especially since the only applicable one is a guide), so here I am,posting a new topic.(NOTE:Download at the bottom if you hate the Great Wall Of Text.) I decided to write a map editor. Well,it was originally...