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  1. jcys810


    I heard it ws released today! :D Not sure where to find official articles and too lazy to Google it too. So here's a Wiki link!
  2. jcys810

    Of the four taste buds, which one is most important?

    Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty. While most people would say sweet I would have to say sour myself, since sour can replace a lot of things sweet does, while doing even more than sweet could even dream of. As for the most worthless of the tastes I would have to say it would be a tie between bitter...
  3. jcys810

    Loading Screen Question

    Is there any way to increase the size of the Loading image? If so, could anyone tell me? I don't think it appears in npc.ini so it can't be an entity. :/
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    Happy Halloween~

    It's Halloween today for my timezone. So guys, Happy Halloween! I didn't celebrate it though. Never ever have celebrated Halloween once in my life. ): Halloween is probably something like this anyway (NSFW link) But still, Happy Halloween!
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    What the Hell

    ... Anything similiar happened to you guys before?
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    spam thread

    Since several people have stated that the Satellite Lounge is not a spam section. I thought I'd create this thread. Where people can just allocate all their spam into this thread rather than conjesting other threads with offtopicness, and then gets an immediate 50% warn. so spam thread go
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    Basil Bug

    When I place Basil in a map, he doesn't appear, for some reason. Happened to several of my past mods, dunno the reason though. D: */wrist*
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    Anything pissed you off or something, you just need someone to tell, someone to listen, well, just post here, we could probably help you out with your problem/anger/pms/etc. This is now a punctuationless moment just treat this like your personal livejournal without getting a livejournal...
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    Hey Guys

    METALOGZ NEEDS YOUR HELP (i expect everyone to stop reading this thread and press ctrl+w at this point) When he <SNP's some falling spikes, ya know, those in Egg Corridor. Yeah, thats the one. They don't hurt you. And he needs them to hurt you, because he likes pain, just like the sadist he...
  10. jcys810

    Possible Spambot Sightings

    On another forum I go to, spambots don't usually post if they get discovered. So maybe it works this way here as well. Possible spmabot:
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    Grasp of Hell

    Current version - 0.1 SendSpace MediaFire This is my mod, its a really small release currently. I would upload screenshots, but theres a limit to how many images I can upload. So kinda sucks. I did attatch screenshots in the upload though. Maybe I could use an image randomiser for all the...
  12. jcys810

    Projectile - Homing Flame and Enemy?

    Projectile - Homing Flame (0189) No flags: Only hurts you once if you touch it, but after that, it won't hurt you anymore no matter how many times you touch it Flag 0x1000: Hurts you if you touch it Flag 0x100: Does not hurt you at all Enemy (Hopping, disappears) (0315) It could be Ma Pignon...
  13. jcys810

    Your Cave Story Videos

    Post your YouTube videos of Cave Story related stuff. lol0secondsbalrog Basically beating first Balrog in 0 seconds =O I might go remake that godly weapon me and Metalogz made last time. And video it. This is my very first video, so rather crappy I must say.
  14. jcys810

    Weird Shit

    My mod has this weird bug, like, when I'm fighting Balrog, and defeats him, he dies like a normal enemy would, like either give energy or hearts. It could be due to it having normal enemies like Critters, Bats, Pignons, Big Pignons and Gravekeepers (Only appear if you get Life Capsule[s]) Any halp
  15. jcys810

    A/S/L for Pedobear plz

    Hai gaiz. I'm Pedobear. I wanna know all of your A/S/L's you fucking lolis <3 ... THAT WASN'T ME I SWEAR IT. But I'm like, 14 (This year 15), Male (Straight) and in Singapore. Liek, totally. Oh and my name is Justin. Share with us some information about you. Because you can.
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    User Title Issue - Serious Business

    How come I can't use the word forum in my user title? It becomes asterisks. D:
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    ANP.txt updates mebbe?

    ANP.txt Latest Update: 15 July 2009
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    Cave Story FanArt

    The purpose of this topic is to post your fanart for Cave Story here. No matter what it is, such as sprites, artwork, etc. I'll post mine. Kurosaki Ichiquote Quote dressed as Kurosaki Ichigo from the anime/manga Bleach. Balrog and Misery at Arthur's Tombstone This, I ain't very proud of...
  19. jcys810

    Essence of Chaos 1 - Shattered Destiny

    This is going to be my first mod ever. I got some help from ShInInG PhAnToM, seeing as he did let me use his mimiga character as a base. Overall Estimated Completion - 5% I'll post more up later/tomorrow/eventually/when I care, I have basically zilch knowledge in hacking, so I might need some...