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  1. igotsthepower9000

    Shift Story - Tenzuru Monogatari

    EDIT: I have actually been working on this from time to time! In about 2 months, I have created 3 more levels! (No, I'm not very productive. I want to get at least one more done over this winter break...) I introduce spikes and keys. Let me know what you think and give me suggestions of new...
  2. igotsthepower9000


    Where are all the images?? I mean, look at the "edit post" and all that. It used to be awesome buttons that were images. Now it's text. The text formatting section is AWFUL with no buttons. So, when are the images coming back?
  3. igotsthepower9000

    Phoenix Wright Music!

    OBJECTION! Yes, if you aren't aware, I'm making THIS mod. A Phoenix Wright mod! I need music for it, because the music of a Phoenix Wright game contributes to it's epicness! HERE'S a link to the .mid's of EVERY PHOENIX WRIGHT GAME, including Apollo Justice. They are directly ripped from the...
  4. igotsthepower9000

    Guiness Book of World Records 2010 - Gamer's Edition

    Well, I learned about this a few weeks ago, and decided to pick up a copy of the book for myself to verify. Take a look at this picture, Page 96. This is the full page. Notice anything? BESIDES LittleBigPlanet? No? Let's zoom up on the chart in the bottom-left, shall we? ...If you...
  5. igotsthepower9000

    Turnabout Story - an Episodic Series

    BewXl6wVpZM (video may still be processing) The video should explain all. I have many ideas, but I need to come with a solid storyline first :p Comments? -- I have literally NO patience for making music, as mentioned, and, as you can probably tell my the facepic used, I suck at making them...
  6. igotsthepower9000

    ORGasm Problems D:

    I was trying to copy a midi into ORGasm (manually), and after about an hour or so of work, I decided to save it because I was almost done. I closed it out. Then I realized I needed to change the loop points. I reopened the file, and all the notes were gone. It saved which sounds were assigned to...
  7. igotsthepower9000

    I Drown Randomly...?

    Okay. I'm new, a n00b, and all that. I was working on a little something as a test mod, and now I'm at my wit's end. If it matters (which is seems to greatly) I am using Sue's Workshop. I was making a mod for the Hell mod contest...even though I stand no chance in the "contest" it was an easy...